Courses offered by CEHAT

Training of Trainers for Health Care Providers on Violence against Women and Children, 18th to 20th January 2023

CEHAT conducted a three-day training of trainers (TOT) workshop on VAW/C for health care providers of 12 public hospitals in Mumbai. Thirty-five champions composed of doctors, nurses, and CDO were trained to further enhance health systems’ effective response to survivors of violence. Enthusiastic participants were oriented about concepts of sex, gender, VAW/C, role of health systems, WHO-LIVES and Dilaasa crisis centre by using participatory methodology of role play, case discussions, presentations, and demonstration of training sessions. Resource persons from academics, NGO, and MCGM enriched participants’ learnings and helped gain conceptual clarity about the subject and role of HCPs in identifying and responding to violence. Champions have planned quarterly training of medico and non-medico staff and aim to create a safe and protective environment in the health system for survivors. A champion quoted ‘TOT has enlightened that they are dealing with SURVIVOR and not merely Patient’.