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Team Building Training for Dilaasa Counsellors, 1st August 2021

A Team Building training was organized by CEHAT for Dilaasa Counsellors. Training was organized on 1st August 2021 at YMCA Training Centre Mumbai. Trainer Arvind Chittewale founder of The Learning Circle conducted the training, discussing about the teams and the learning process of Adults and Children. Participants were involved in various activities conducted during the training such as, 4D cycle, presentation on their team’s strengths, creating a poster design to achieve their dreams etc.

Around 28 Dilaasa Counsellors attended the training and had a very positive attitude at the end of the training. They got to know the importance of working in teams and how to build a rapport among the teams and find solutions while resolving the issues of the women visiting the Dilaasa Centres.

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