Research Project

Using the Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS) for Diagnostic purpose in Health Sector in Maharashtra (December 2009 to December 2012 )

Research Area : Health Services and Financing

In the state of Maharashtra, CEHAT is currently working to introduce public expenditure tracking survey (PETS) to elucidate the flow of funds to frontline service providers, through multiple hierarchical structures from the State capital to the division level and down to the frontline services provider (Primary Health Centers, Rural/sub district Hospital, District hospitals). The existence of several parallel administrative systems and resource channels at the district level and the inflow of diverse funds to the health sector have made it challenging to track funds.

The goal of this study is to unfold the ground realities (through diagnostic survey) and provide evidence-based recommendations to government officials with a potential that these recommendations would be taken up by those making decisions on allocation/expenditure and other monitoring agencies. With the assistance from tracking tools evidence- based advocacy strategies would be devised with multiple stakeholders of the project. In this comprehensive exercise, special attention would be given to the training along with imparting skills to study budget and governing process.

Research Team :
Mr. Prashant Raymus (Principal Investigator)
Mr. Rahul Sapkal (Sr. Research Associate)
Ms. Shruti Menon (Research Intern)
Mr. Pranit Patil (Research Investigator)

Period of the project: December 2009 to December 2012

Supported by : International Budget Partnership’s (IBP) PARTNERSHIP INITIATIVE