Lockdown and violence against women and children: Insights from hospital-based crisis intervention centers in Mumbai, India

Authors : Singh, Anupriya; Rege, Sangeeta; Pradhan, Anagha

Published Year: 2023

New York: Berghahn Books, pp. 139-155, ISBN 978-1-80073-807-2, In - The girl in the pandemic: transnational perspectives. Edited by Claudia Mitchell and Ann Smith

In this chapter, the authors begin by explaining how the COVID-19 pandemic in India “overwhelmed the health system” and discuss how “the subsequent lockdown posed challenges for the adolescent girls and young women survivors of gender-based violence.” This was compounded by the “suspension of court hearings and the disruption of healthcare and support services” for young girls, but we learn that in Mumbai “all Dilaasa centers (public hospital-based crisis intervention departments)” remained functional. The authors go on to recount “the experiences of girls and young women who sought support at Dilaasa centers in person or by telephone.”

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