Scaling up the health system response to Violence against Women: Lessons from hospital interventions in Maharashtra, India - Research Brief

Authors : CEHAT; World Health Organization; Human Reproduction Programme

Published Year: 2021

New Delhi, World Health Organization, vii, 20 p., ISBN: 978-92-9022-862-2

A study jointly done by CEHAT, World Health Organization, India and Human Reporduction Programme (HRP). 

Violence against women (VAW) is a major public health concern, a manifestation of gender inequality and a human rights violation. Intimate partner violence is the most common form of violence expereinced by women. Violence has significant and long-lasting impacts on women's physical health, including sexual, reproductive and mental health. Women who have expereinced violence are more likely to seek health care than non-abused women. Health-care providers (HCPs) are well-placed to identify women who have experienced violence and to provide appropriate clinical care and referrals.

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