Establishing Dilaasa: Documenting the Challenges

Establishing Dilaasa: Documenting the Challenges
Author(s):Padma Deosthali, Purnima Maghnani and Seema Malik
Programme Area:Investigation and Treatment of Psyco-Social Trauma
Project Title:Dilaasa: Crisis Centre in a public hospital for Responding to Women Survivors of Domestic Violence
No. of Pages:47
Publication Details
Pub. Date: 2005, Pub. Place: India, Mumbai,Published By: CEHAT

Dilaasa, India's first hospital based crisis centre was established to address Domestic Violence and provide services to women within the hospital itself. This counselling endeavour brought to light that several women admitted for "accidental consumption of poison" had essentially attempted suicide, the underlying reason being Domestic violence. In order to address this issue, the centre evolved a counselling model which was informed by feminist principles that challenged the main stream psychiatric model of labeling women as involved in "deliberate self harm" or indulging in "impulsive behaviour" but rather as a reaction to an extremely unbearable situation. This paper presents the feminist counselling methodology and illustrates it with examples from the counselling practice. Thus it makes a case for including a feminist counselling approach in public hospitals to the issue of attempted suicides in women. Download full report





Table of Contents
I. Introduction
Ii. Dilaasa’s Model Of Collaboration
Iii. Formative Period
IV. Counselling Model And Strategies
V. Training Model And Strategies
Vi. Lessons Learnt And Recommendations Annexure
(A) Intake Form
(B) Posters