Working Papers

CEHAT is happy to launch the Working Paper series of CEHAT. With the launch of the Working papers series CEHAT is offering its researchers a space for further reflection on past and ongoing research and to engage with problems only touched upon in the research studies. Most importantly, it allows its researchers to go beyond the immediate questions and explore the many dimensions of social research.

Working Paper No. 2

Feminist Response to Attempted Suicide: A Model for Public Health Intervention

Author(s): Rege, Sangeeta; Padma Deosthali

Domestic violence is described as a pattern of continuous or intermittent coercive behaviour and control. It is used to humiliate women and force them to conform/adhere to gender roles...

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Working Paper No. 1

Comprehensive Health Sector Response to Sexual Assault Does the Delhi High Court Judgment Pave the Way? : Working paper no.1

Author(s): N. Jagadeesh; Rege, Sangeeta; Padma Deosthali; Sana Contractor; Seema Malik

Mumbai: CEHAT, 16p. This first paper in the CEHAT Working Papers series draws from its collective action research experience over the years in addressing the issue of sexual assault.

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