Working Group (WG)

The Working Group is a democratic and main decision making body of CEHAT. It monitors and reviews all projects/activities, finances, personnel and administrative matters and takes relevant decisions for implementation. It is also responsible for staff recruitment, staff evaluation, redressal of grievances and planning future strategies of the organisation. The processes within the WG represent a democratic and transparent way of functioning where decisions are taken by consensus. The members of the WG are elected by the staff. It has a representation of staff from all levels which includes administrative and project staff. The Co-ordinator and Joint Co-ordinator are the ex-officio members of the WG.

Members: Padma Deosthali (Ex-officio), Suchitra Wagle, Aarthi Chandrashekar & Pramila Naik

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Program Development Committee (PDC)

The Program Development Committee has been constituted to provide programmatic direction to CEHAT. The primary objective of the PDC in CEHAT is to monitor and maintain the quality of CEHAT's work. It also monitors whether the work undertaken by CEHAT is in consonance with the overall objectives of the organisation. All the materials produced namely reports, working papers, policy briefs, manuals, research proposals, posters and social messages are reviewed by the PDC. It also dwells upon the methodology related issues of all the projects and certifies them accordingly.

The PDC comprises of members from various disciplines like social sciences, social work, law, journalism and others. Senior researchers from within the organisation and a panel of experts from outside the organisation constitute the present PDC. In addition to this, experts from other fields are also consulted on important documents pertaining to policy advocacy. The PDC is convened by a researcher from CEHAT.

Members: Padma Deosthali, Sangeeta Rege,Sana Contractor, Padmini Swaminathan, Dr. Lakshmi Lingam, Dr. Vibhuti Patel, and Dr. Padma Prakash

Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC)

Institutional ethics committee at CEHAT is a multi-disciplinary independent body which reviews all its research activities as defined in Standard operating Procedure. The IEC consists of both external and internal members which are selected by trustees of Anusandhan Trust based on their expertise and scientific knowledge.

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Social Accountability Group

The Social Accountability Group is a body of independent persons appointed by Anusandhan Trust to review CEHATís work in terms of its stated objectives. The main function of the Social Accountability Group is to carry periodic social audit of the organisation.

Members: Medha Kotwal: Doctorate in Political Science. Involved in the women's movement. Founder and Director for 10 years of Aalochana, a feminist documentation Centre, in Pune.

R. Nagraj: A senior economist in the area of development economics working with Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research, Mumbai.

Ravi Narayan: Ex-professor, Department of Community Medicine, St. John Medical College, Bangalore, Involved in a variety of Community Health Policy issues for two decades. Coordinator, Community Health Cell, Bangalore.

Ravindra R.P.: Teaches pharmacy at the SNDT University, Mumbai. Has been involved over a decade in the Rational Drug Policy Movement and the movement against prenatal sex selection and selective sex abortions.