Research Project

Increasing Access to Comprehensive Abortion Care Services in India (2007 onwards)

Research Area : Women's health

Advocacy & Campaign

National Consultation of Safe Abortion and Sex Determination 21-22 April 2008

A National Consultation on safe abortion and sex selection was organised in Mumbai to arrive at better conceptual clarity

Round Table meeting on the issue of Abortion and Sex Selection

A round table was organised on the issue of abortion and sex selection. A selected group comprising of demographers, abortion advocate, researchers, women�s rights activist and medical professional participated in the discussion.

Media Workshop on Safe Abortion, Every Woman’s Right

The Campaign for Safe Abortion and CommonHealth with support from CEHAT, CHSJ and SAHAJ working in the field of health thought it would be a good idea to share their achievements and challenges with the media with a special focus on their work on safe and legal abortion.

Project Publications