Library and Documentation Unit
Information is considered a vital resource for development in any field and it is necessary that the documents are preserved and easily accessible. Library and documentation centers are the backbone of any research & training institution. CEHAT thus has emphasised for the development of the unit. The unit has wide range of resources in the field of social science and health. The primary objective of the unit is to make available data, information and research material it generates and accumulates to a wide community of scholars and social activists and to enhance the quality of health care and expand its access as well as to add to the knowledge base in health studies.
The uniqueness of the library is the collection of various books and resources in the field of health, particularly on social science and health. Students, journalists, medical professionals, social workers, lawyers, trainers, activists, development workers, counsellors, are welcome to use the library.
One of the core strategies of the organisation is to disseminate information through databases and relevant publications. The finding of the research conducted by CEHAT should reach out to people’s movement, policy makers and also for policy implementation. The publications are outcome of CEHAT's own research projects which have focused on relevant research and have endeavoured to inform campaigns around social issues. They are in the form of books, research reports, manuals, posters and resource materials. CEHAT is using APA standard referencing style for the publications.
Library Timings
CEHAT Library is open on all working days (Monday to Friday) between 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. The library will remain close on Saturday and Sunday and on all National holidays.
Visitors Information
The Library is primarily for the use of the staff of the center. However, visitors from other Academic and Research Institutions, Students, Journalists, Medical Professionals, Social Workers, Lawyers, Trainers, Activists, Development Workers, Counsellors, are welcome to use the library for reference. No membership fee is charged for external members. No borrowing facility is available for external members.
All employees of the institutes of Anusandhan Trust and the trustees are entitled to register as members and to use the facilities & services offered for the purpose of their academic, research and administrative work. Use of Center facilities and services implies acceptance of Unit rules and procedures.
Contact Address
Library and Documentation Unit
Survey No.2804 & 2805
Aaram Society Road, Vakola
Santacruz (E.)
Mumbai - 400 055
Tel:91-22-26673571/ 26673154