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CEHAT Calendar 2021 Challenge Accepted

Published Year: 2021

CEHAT, Challenge Accepted, Calendar 2021, 9 p.

The recent COVID 19 pandemic has exposed fault lines of Indian public health system. At the public health level; there has been a failure to explicitly address health workforce requirements and considerations. Reports are abundant about lack of PPEs, non-payment of salaries, absence of health insurance amongst others. Health workers endured assaults, harassment and social ostracism from society. Clearly, we failed to fulfil our reciprocal responsibilities towards healthcare workers who took additional risks to provide healthcare.

A rapid assessment was carried out by CEHAT across 13 peripheral hospitals in Mumbai between May and June 2020. This year's calendar is based on the study, "Health workers' response to the pandemic: Documenting challenges", in Mumbai. Telephonic interviews with different cadres were carried out to document their experiences in responding to COVID 19. There is a need for explicit policies and practices to support the health workforce through the pandemic. Through this calendar, we highlight the role of health workers during the strictest lockdown.

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Published Year: 2019

CEHAT, Rape Impact Study, Calendar 2019, 10 p.

This year, CEHAT’s calendar aims to present voices of rape survivors and positive experiences with different systems such as police, public prosecutors, judiciary, social workers, shelters and the like. The attempt is to show positive experiences with the stakeholders, as a lot is known about negative experiences. 

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CEHAT Calendar 2018 Universal Health Coverage

Published Year: 2018

CEHAT, Universal Health Coverage, Calendar 2018, 16 p.

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is one of the sustainable development goals of UN member states, which has been prioritized in India's National Health Policy, 2017. CEHAT has been working in the area of Health Services and Financing, as well as Health Legislation and Patient Rights for many years. Through this body of work, CEHAT has examined the right to health and its accessibility for vulnerable groups.

Universality and Equity, Social Inclusion, Rational and Quality care, Accountability and Transparency, Financial Protection and Community Participation are some of the basic principles of UHC. The 2018 calendar uses simple case studies to demonstrate these principles in practice. We hope that the calendar will be useful for health care providers in their everyday practice of providing health care.

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CEHAT Calendar 2017 Gender in Medical Education

Published Year: 2017

CEHAT, Gender in Medical Education, Calendar 2017, 16 p.

Medical Education and Research (DMER), Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) and supported by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Some of the specific objectives of GME are: Build capacity of medical faculty on gender perspectives and women’s health issues through the Training of Trainers’ (TOT) programme. Facilitate teaching of gender perspectives to MBBS students by trained medical faculty. Advocate for policy inclusion of modules integrating gender perspectives in MBBS curriculum after assessing impact of this programme.

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Calendar 2016 Patient's Rights

Published Year: 2016

CEHAT, Patient's Rights, Calendar 2016, 11 p.

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Calendar 2015 Violence Against Women and Girls is Systemic

Published Year: 2015

CEHAT, Violence Against Women and Girls in Systemic Calendar 2015, 16 p.

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Calendar 2014, 20 Years of CEHAT

Published Year: 2014

CEHAT, 20 Years of CEHAT, Calendar 2014, 10 p.

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Calendar 2012 Looking Beyond Symptoms

Published Year: 2012

CEHAT, Calendar 2012 Looking Beyond Symptoms, 10 p.

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Calendar 2011 Violence Sexual Assault the Role of Health Care Providers

Published Year: 2011

CEHAT, Calendar 2011, Violence sexual assault the role of health care providers, 10 p.

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Calendar 2009 The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA)

Published Year: 2009

DILAASA, The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA), Calendar 2009, 14 p.

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Calendar 2008 Health Care Response to Survivors of Sexual Violence

Published Year: 2008

Dilaasa, Health Care Response to Survivors of Sexual Violence, Calendar 2008, 8 p.

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Calendar 2007 Violence Against Women (VAW)

Published Year: 2007

Dilaasa, Violence Against Women (VAW), Calendar 2007, 11 p.

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Calendar 2006 Towards a world without violence...

Published Year: 2006

Dilaasa, Towards a world without violence..., Calendar 2006, 8 p.


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