Missing Girls: Political Economy of Sex-Determination

Authors : Duggal, Ravi

Published Year: 2001

Presented on World Population Day at the Institute of Population Sciences, July 2001, 7 p.

Discrimination against the girl child and women is an old tradition in India, as it has been all over the world. Forms of discrimination have undergone changes over time and in many parts of the world open and obvious forms of discrimination have disappeared. However, in India and a few other countries around it the open forms of discrimination not only continue but also are getting exacerbated through use of new technologies and with the connivance of professionals, especially medical professionals. Here we will not go into the entire gamut of discrimination against the female of the species but restrict ourselves to sex-determination and sex-selective abortions which have caused havoc over the last two decades and are clearly manifested in rapidly declining juvenile sex-ratios.

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