Population and family planning policy: A critique and a perspective

Authors : Duggal, Ravi

Published Year: 1999

Paper Presented at International Conference on Population and Development, Cairo, September 1999, 6 p.

The Department of Family Welfare, of the Central Govt. says, "The Family Welfare Program in India is being promoted on voluntary basis as a people's movement in keeping with the democratic traditions of the country. The program seeks to promote responsible parenthood, with a two-child norm - male, female or both - through independent choice of the family planning method best suited to the acceptor. For conveying message of small family norm to the masses, motivational, educational and persuasive efforts are made without any resort to any form of coercion" (Family Welfare Program in India - Year book 1989-90, Department of Family Welfare, GOI, New Delhi, pg. 48). This is how the government views its family planning program, which it never tires highlighting that it was the first official program of population control in the world! I have deliberately begun with the above quote because not only is it full of lies but it also drives in many home truths about the governments' perceptions.

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