August 2008


618.33 / SUN / 13532
Health division document 1998:9 Issue paper on: Abortion/ by Kajsa Sundstrom
Stockholm: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Y 1998.
15 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Abortion; Reproductive health; Abortion policies; Abortion technologies;
Unwanted pregnancies; Unsafe abortion; Developing countries

613.0433 / FUG / 13529
Health division document 1998: 9 issue paper on adolescent sexuality education counseling and
services/ by Minou Fuglesang
Stockholm: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Y 1998.
11 P. ; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Adolescent; Sexuality; Education; Counseling

920.72 / KAM / 13508
Prisons we broke/ by Baby Kamble and Transt. Maya Pandit
Chennai: Orient Longman Pvt. Ltd., Y 2008.
xi,178 p.; Paper back
Note: Translated from the Marathi Jina Amucha by Maya Pandit .
Keywords /Abstract: Autobiography of dalit women; Dalit writing in Marathi; Dalit movement in
Maharashtra; Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar; Mahatma Phule; Shahu Maharaj; Dalit feminist critique of

305.50954 / GAN / 13509
Caste and dalit life worlds: Postcolonial perspectives/ by Debjani Ganguly
New Delhi: Orient Longman Private Limited, Y 2005.
xii,287 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Caste-dalit; Dalit -postcolonial perspectives; Life world; Dalit; Mahars

614.063 / GOM / 13504
Report of the expert committee constituted by the Hon'ble High court, Bombay, for the charitable
hospitals in the state of Maharashtra (Shri S.B. Dhumal Committee)/ by Government of
Mumbai: Government of Maharashtra, Y 2006.
294 p.; Spiral bound
Keywords /Abstract: Expert committee; Charitable Hospitals; State of Maharashtra; Public health

306.87 / DEV / 13499
Mee Mazeech : Aatyachargrasta Streeyansathi Madatpustika/ by Meena Deval
Mumbai: Akshara Prakashan, Y 2003.
96 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Domestic violence; Women and health; Police and Advocate; TISS; Akshara

306.8709549 / ZAM / 13507
What can i do if i know someone who is being abused? : Guidance for friends and family/ by
Sarah Zaman
Karachi: War against Rape, Y 2007.
18 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Women abused; Child abused; Domestic violence; WAR; Pakistan

306.87 / NEN / 13521
Violence against women in North East India An enquiry/ by North East Network
Assam: North East Network, Y 2004.
48 P.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Domestic violence; Women in Assam; North East Network; National
Commission for Women; India

306.87 / ANJ / 13526
Band Darvajeon Se Bahar : Gharelu Hinsa Zel Rahi Mahilaon Ke Aatmavruttant/ by Anju;
Rashmi; Dipti; Annu; Manju Balavant; Rajeshwari and Yaseen
Jaipur: Vishakha Mahila Shiksha Evam Shodh Samiti, Y 2006.
80 P.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Domestic violence; Women and violence; Case study, Jaipur

614.19 / AHM / 13527
Research study on the medico-legal sector in Karachi/ by Marium Ahmad and Tanya Ghani
Karachi: Aahung, Y 2007.
117 P.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Medico-legal; Sexual health; Women and Men; Sexual crime; Police surgeon;
Case study; Karachi-Pakistan

303.62095475 / OOM / 13510
Reconciliation in post-Godhra Gujarat: The role of civil society/ by T.K. Oommen
Delhi: Pearson Longman Private Limited, Y 2008.
xvi, 288 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Reconciliation; Post-Godhra-Gujarat; Civil society intervention; Empowering
women for reconciliation

614.0262 / WHO / 13497
25 Questions and answers on health and human rights/ by World Health Organization
Geneva: World Health Organization, Y 2002.
32 p. ; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Human rights; Public health; Health policy; International law; Guidelines

954.7923 / WCHP / 13498
Training manual for women centered counseling in gynecological OPD/ by WCHP
Mumbai: Women Centered Health Project, Y 2001.
185 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Women; Counseling; Gynecology; Training manual; WCHP; Community
health; Public health; Auxiliary nurse midwife; Gender based violence; Adolescent girls health;
Gender based violence

614.0262 / RUB / 13531
Health division document 1998:9 Issue paper on : Health and human rights/ by Birgitta
Stockholm: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Y 1998.
24 P.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Health and human rights; Human rights perspective on health systems

362.104250954 / RAM / 13516
Strategic issues and challenges in health management/ by (Ed.) K.V. Ramani; Dileep Mavalankar
and Dipti Govil
New Delhi: SAGE Publications, Y 2008.
x, 227 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Health care reform-India; Medical policy-India; Health planning-India;
Delivery of health care-Organisation and administration-India

614.073 / UNFPA / 13496
One day training module of primary health centre medical officers on gender and reproductive
health with facilitator's manual/ by UNFPA. New Delhi: United Nations Population Fund, Y 2002.
58 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Gender; Reproductive health; Women's health; Gender based violence;
Training module; Medical officer


323.4 / MAT / 13533
Take a pledge against torture : Resource materials for doctors and psychiatrists/ by K. Mathiharan
and Henri Tiphagne
Madurai: People's Watch, Y 2007.
vii, 265 P.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Human rights; Torture; Medical ethics; Medical examination and
documentation; Psychiatry and torture

610.9 / COO / 13513
Matters of exchange: Commerce, Medicine and Science in the Age of Empire/ by Harold J. Cook
Andhara Pradesh: Orient Longman Private Limited, Y 2008.
xiv, 562 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Commerce and medicine in Amsterdam; Medicine and materialism;
Medicine of East Asia

614.580954165 / PAT / T-13505
Impact of insurgency on the mental health of women in Nagaland: A project report submitted to
the academic council of the TISS/ by Joyce Patton
Mumbai: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Y 2004.
116, 12 p. ; Hard bound
Keywords /Abstract: Insurgency; Women in Nagaland; Mental health; TISS; Medical and
psychiatric social work; Women and health

610.73 / LIL / 13530
Health division document 1998:9 Issue paper on: Supporting Midwifery/ by Jerker Liljestrand
Stockholm: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Y 1998.
11 P.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Midwifery; Women; Reproductive health; International experience

304.60261 / STE / 13514
People who count: Population and politics, women and children/ by Dorothy Stein
London: Earthscan Publications Limited, Y 1995.
ix, 238 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Population resource and rights; Ideology in religion; Culture and nature;
Child Labour; Child rights; Population policy; Population politics; Immigration; Kerala; China

306.74 / DAT / 13518
Struggle to be human : A training manual, Looking at sex work and prostitution through the lens
of gender, sexuality and rights/ by Bipasha Datta; Maya Ganesh; Bishakha Datta and Meena
Sangli: Sangram-Vamp, Y 2006.
48 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Training manual; Sex workers; Gender; Sexuality and rights; Women

306.7/ ROY / 13520
Little book on men by Rahul Roy Fully illustrated in black, white and gray by Anupama
Chatterjee and Sherna Dastur/ by Rahul Roy
New Delhi: Yoda Press, Y 2007.
N.P.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Drawing; Text and Video; Research on masculinities; Sexuality; Metro
sexuality; Heterosexual

306.7 / MAI / 13528
Health division document 1998:9 Issue paper on: Men, sexuality and reproductive health/ by Beth
Maina-Ahlberg; Minou Fuglesang and Annika Johansson
Stockholm: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Y 1998.
13 P.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Sexuality; Men; Reproductive health; Sida

303.4 / SAW / 13517
Social emergence: Societies as complex systems/ by R. Keith Sawyer
New York: Cambridge University Press, Y 2005.
ix, 276 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Social evolution; Social systems; Sociology; Communication-Social aspects

302.40723 / KNO / 13515
Social network analysis Second edition/ by David Knoke and Song Yang
New Delhi: SAGE Publications, Y 2008.
viii, 133 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Data collection; Basic methodology for analyzing network; advanced
methods analyzing network

300.72 / SEA / 13512
Social research methods: A reader/ by Clive Seale
London: Rutledge, Y 2008.
xviii, 538 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Sociology; Research; Methodology; Social sciences

303.54 / DUT / 13523
India waiting for dawn: New vision, A new hope/ by Shantanu Dutta
Mumbai: GLS Publishing, Y 2007.
158 P.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Social values; Life in bible; Moral values; Media responsibility; Living a good

305.4 / NCW / 13500
National Commission for Women Act, 1990/ by National Commission for Women
New Delhi: National Commission for Women,
13 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Women; NCW; Women act; Government of India; Functions of the

305.4 / SWA / 13501
Shodha Baai Manasachya Jeenyacha/ by Swadhar
Mumbai: Akshar Prakashan,
358 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Women and Globalization; Women and Gender; Water problems; Girls
education; Women and health; Sex selection; Domestic violence; Dalit women; Women and

305.42091724 / BOS / 13511
Women's role in economic development/ by Ester Boserup
London: Earthscan, Y 2008.
xxxiv, 271 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Women-developing countries-social conditions; Women-developing
countries-economic conditions; Women rights-developing countries

346.73 / BAT / 13502
Women and law and law relating to children in India/ by Manjula Batra
Delhi: Pioneer Books, Y 2002.
299 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Women and law; NCW; Gender justice; Constitution; Women; Human
rights; Women's rights

346.73 / RED / 13503
Women and the law/ by G.B. Reddy's
Hyderabad: Gogia Law Agency, Y 2004.
336 p.; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Women and law; Constitutional rights; Women rights; Sex determination;
Gender violence; Women and criminal law; Women and immoral traffic

Combat Law: The Human Rights’ and Law Bimonthly, Vol.7, No.4, July-August 2008
CONTENTS: Kashmir: Justice crippled, Govt’s report on naxalism, Murder of an activist, Court
and conscience

Economic and Political Weekly: Vol.XLIII, No.30, 26 July – 1 August 2008
CONTENTS: Daughters and sons, the death of tapas soren, Communal violence in Indore, Engel
curve for measuring poverty

Economic and Political Weekly: Vol.XLIII, No.31, 2-8, August 2008
CONTENTS: Health inequality in India: Evidence from NFHS3, Jayaprakash Narayan and the
problem of representative democracy, a re-look at the Bengal famine

Economic and Political Weekly: Vol. XLIII, No.32, 9-15, August 2008
CONTENTS: Raghuram rajan Committee, India’s sub-prime fears, The third front mirage again,
Sex differentials in mortality, Cooking stoves and health

Economic and Political Weekly: Vol. XLIII, No.33, 16-22, August 2008
CONTENTS: Analysis of fringe benefits tax and its collection pattern, The magic mountain
revisited: History of the madanapalle TB sanatorium

Economic and Political Weekly: Vol. XLIII, No.34, 23-29, August 2008
CONTENTS: Emergence of the novel in Hindi, Caste and occupational mobility, The turmoil in
J&K, Commodity futures, The Russian-Georgian mini-war

Health and Population: Perspectives and Issues, Vol.30, No.4, October-December 2007
CONTENTS: Human resources for public health in India-Issues and challenges, Comprehensive
health care including sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and youths is of vital
importance to the nation, Differentials of nutritional status in school-age children and the
associated factors, A study of utilization of communication channels and information seeking
behavior by the tribal for improving their health care practices, Effect of educational intervention
on male participation in family planning in Iran

Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol.V, No.3, July-September 2008
CONTENTS: Binayak Sen: Health, human rights and the golden rule

Population and Development Review, Vol.34, No.1, March 2008
CONTENTS: Migration, International Migrants

Reproductive Health Matters, Vol.16, No.31, May 2008
CONTENTS: Conflict and crisis settings: Promoting sexual and reproductive rights
Social Action – A Quarterly Review of Social Trends, Vol.58, No.3, July-September 2008
CONTENTS: Special economic zones: Ambiguities and contradictions


Subject: Abortion
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Subject: Family Planning
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Subject: Sex Selection
Title: PCPNDT Act Document in Marathi
Number: Disk1
Serial No.: DA132


Title: Hari - Bhari
Sub Topics: Heroic saga of five women
Director: Shaym Benegal
Producer: Anil Pandit
Video: Video CD Part 1, 2
About Film: Hari Bhari is the story of five women of a Shaikh Muslim Landholding Family who Live in a Qasba which is in a semi rural area of Badayun District Western Uttar Pradesh. The frame story deals with three generations of women: Grandmother, her two daughters-in-law, a daughter and a grand daughter. Within the frame story are individual episodes dealing with the various crises faced by each of them. The film concern itself with the need for women to develop an awareness of female health problems and their rights over their own bodies as a necessary factor in their empowerment. Although the film is a fictional saga of a family, it is based on actual case studies made over a period of time in the region where the film is located.
Language: Hindi
Cast: Shabana Aazmi; Rajit Kapoor; Rajeshwari Sachdev; Surekha Sikri; Nandita Das;
Alka Trivedi; Meghna Kothari and Seema Bhargav
Sr. No.: DOM-124

Title: Girl child discrimination on sex selection (Stop sex selection)
Sub Topics: Stop sex selection
Producer: CEHAT
Duration: min.
Video: Video DVD
Language: Hindi and English
Sr. No.: DOM-127

Title: Domestic violence against women
Producer: Violence against women group
Video: Video CD
About Film: Programme on domestic violence against women organized by violence against
women group Mumbai in Gateway of India Mumbai
Language: Hindi and English
Sr. No.: DOM-128

Title: Dhyasparva
Sub Topics: An era of yearning
Director: Amol Palekar
Duration: 135 min
Year: Y 2006
Video: Video CD
Language: Marathi
Cast: Kishor Kadam; Seema Biswas; Sachin Khedekar and others
Sr. No.: DOM - 129

Title: Shevri
Director: Gajendra Ahire
Producer: Neena Kulkarni
Year: Y 2007
Video: Video CD
Language: Marathi
Cast: Neena Kulkarni; Dilip Prabhavalkar and Others
Sr. No.: DOM - 130

Title: Kachara Kondi
Director: Atul Pethe
Producer: Mahanagarpalika Pune, Kamgar Union
Duration: 55 min.
Video: Video CD
Language: Marathi
Sr. No.: DOM-131

Title: TV (Print Media Coverage Nikita Mehta's Petition: Abortion Debate)
Sub Topics: Abortion Law
Producer: IPAS, New Delhi, India
Video: Video CD
About Film: Media tracking of abortion news, Petition on Abortion, The national debate and
wide media coverage of the Bombay High Court order rejecting the Mehta couple’s
petition to abort pregnancy in the 26th week as the fetus had a congenital heart
Language: English and Hindi
Sr. No.: DOM-132

Title: Struggle to be human:Looking at sex and prostitution through the lens of gender, sexuality and rights
Sub Topics: 1. Zinda Laash 2. Benaqaab 3. Taking the pledge
Producer: Sangram-Vamp and Point of View, Sangli and Mumbai, India
Duration: min.
Video: Video CD
Language: English and Hindi
Sr. No.: DOM-133