National Conference on Emerging Health Care Models: Engaging the Private Health Sector

CEHAT organized a two day Conference ‘Emerging Health Care Models: Engaging the Private Health Sector’ on 25th and 26th September 2009.

The conference invited papers on any of the following themes:

1.PPPs as emerging models in health sector: Benefits and issues of concern. 2.Role of the state in PPPs and related reforms in policy and legislation. 3.Lack of regulation in the private sector and its impact on such partnerships. 4.State of patients rights in the midst of emerging health sector models. (role of non-state actors – private organizations, international agencies, civil society, Media, etc). 5.PPP and universal access to health care facilities and equity in health.

CEHAT received about 40 abstracts from various organizations, academic institutes and research scholars. A scientific review committee at CEHAT assessed each of these abstracts, wherein later 15 papers were invited to be presented at the Conference.

The Conference was carried out for two days where in there were sessions and paper presentations by various speakers. There were also invited experts like Dr. Rama Baru, Dr. Venkat Raman, Dr. Gita Sen, Dr. Sunil Nandraj, and Dr. Amarjit Singh. The discussion were enriched with the presence of eminent chairpersons like Dr. Shyam Ashtekar, Dr. Anant Bhan, Padma Deosthali, who is also the Center head of CEHAT, along with some of the trustee members of CEHAT, Dr. Amar Jesani, Mr. Ravi Duggal, Dr. Vibhuti Patel.

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Dr. Rama Baru and Dr. Venkat Raman set the tone for the Conference elucidating the perspective, models and challenges related to Public Private Partnership in Health Sector in India in the current day context and the critical areas of concern in the future date.

There after the series of paper presentations took place wherein there was a varied level of representation was seen from health arena like initiatives from not-for-profit engagement, Partnership models as a part of social initiatives by corporate bodies, issues in contracting out partnerships models under NRHM as well theoretical basis of Partnership.

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Dr. Amarjit Singh presented a voice from the government emphasizing on the fact of not holding back from trying different models which could work in order to reach national goals. Dr. Sunil Nandraj from WHO also illuminated various facets of Partnership where in he challenged the core foundation of Partnership and saw State to be ‘purchaser of care’. Conference ended with an extremely thought provoking talk by Dr. Gita Sen who brought in the equity issues within these partnerships.

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CEHAT’s initiative of carrying out this National Conference was a step forward is not just in illuminating the existing discourse in Public Private Partnership but also bringing out the prognostic way in which the Partnerships are heading in the midst of complete lack of regulation in the private sector and issues of equity still a challenge.

Report of the National Conference on Emerging Health Care Models: Engaging the Private Health Sector