Q. What is BNHRA?
A.The Bombay Nursing Home Registration Act is an Act to provide for registration and inspection of nursing homes in Maharashtra

Q. What is the background of BNHRA?
A. The BNHRA was enacted on 6th May 1949 in Maharashtra to regulate the privately owned nursing homes in Maharashtra

Q. Whom does this act apply to?
A. It is applicable to all the private nursing and maternity homes in Maharashtra.

Q. Whom to apply for registration?
A.The nursing home owners in Maharashtra should apply to local supervisory authority (LSA) for registration.

Q. What do you mean by LSA?
A. Local supervising authority” means

  • Municipal Corporation-the Health officer of the concerned municipal corporation.
  • Municipal council-the civil Surgeon of the districts in which such council is situated
  • Cantonment – the health officer of the cantonment
  • In the area not falling in above –district health officer of the concern Zilla parishad.

Q. How frequently does the nursing home have to be registered under this Act?
A. Private nursing home owner need to register their nursing homes every three years and it is valid upto the 31st March of third year.

Q. What is the rate of fees for registration of nursing homes?
A. The state Government may prescribe different rate of fees for registration of nursing homes, as per the location of nursing home,the number of beds therein, the number of specializations offered in such nursing home.

Q. What to do with the registration certificate?
A. It should be affixed in a conspicuous place in the nursing home