Amendments to BNHRA

Sl.No. Year Name Changes in Act
1. 1954 Bombay Municipal Corporation Nursing Homes Registration Bye Laws 1954 The bye laws were framed with regard to · Record of patients received into or of children born in the nursing home. · Maintenance of register to maternal and infant deaths. · Notice of deaths occurring in the nursing home.
2. 1959 Bombay Nursing Homes Registration (Extension and Amendments) Act 1959 The amendments were related to · Extension of the act · Definitions of 'district' 'local board' 'municipality' 'qualified midwife' were explained in detail.
3. 1973 The Maharashtra Nursing Home Registration Rules 1973. rules were included viz; · Prescribed form of application for registration or renewal of nursing home. · Date on which the renewal will be done every year. · The quantum of fees chargeable for registration and renewal. · The format or form of registration certificate. · Miscellaneous provisions, such as, intimation of transfer of ownership, change of address, change of staff, about lost certificate etc.
4. 1976 The Maharashtra Nursing Homes Registration (Amendment) Rules1976. The changes in the act made were about · The amendments made in the rule 7 in sub-rule(1) regarding fees for registration, which was increased from Rs 20 to Rs 50 for those with less than 10 beds and Rs 50 for those with more than 50 beds.
5. 2005 Bombay Nursing Homes Registration (Amendments) Act 2005 The changes made were about · In section 2 sub-clause (2) was about that the monitoring of the registration and inspection of nursing home to be done under a competent officer of the local supervising authority. · In section 5 sub-section(1) clause(b) is about that the nursing home is under management of a person holding degree in medical sciences and that there are sufficient number of nurses. · Clause c of the same section will include taking power to the state government to prescribe the minimum area for the nursing home and the maximum number of beds. · Sub-section (2) from the same section mentions about the certificate of registration of a nursing home shall be valid period of three years from the date next following the date on which it was issued or renewed, as the case may be. · Section 6 is about the enhancement of punishment for non-registration of a nursing home. · Section 12 taking power to the state government to prescribe different rates of fees for different nursing homes on the basis of the area in which the nursing home is situated, number of beds therein, the number of specializations offered etc