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Training on Child Sexual Abuse and Role of Medical Professionals : Dr. Shaibya Saldanha, MD.

As part of the current model of Comprehensive Healthcare Response to Sexual Assault, being implemented by CEHAT in 3 public hospitals of Mumbai, this workshop was held on 9th July, 2011. The aim of this workshop was to sensitize and build capacity of health care professionals in responding to survivors of sexual assault and providing medical, forensic and psychosocial support. Medical Superintendents, RMOs, lecturers, MOs and Medical Social workers from Rajawadi Hospital, Bhabha Hospital and R.N. Cooper Hospital participated in this training. Resident doctors from the specialties of pediatrics, general surgery, gynecology and psychiatry were present. In all, around 25 participants attended this training.

Dr. Shaibya Saldanha, MD, addressed the session. She is the founder of the organization “ENFOLD Proactive Health Trust” in Bangalore working on issues of Child Sexual Abuse, sexualization of children, Mental and Emotional Health of our youth and sexuality among adolescents and young adults.

Dr. Saldanha covered a range of topics right from understanding the term abuse to prevention of burnout among health care professionals. Following are some of the highlights of the training:

  • Understanding the term Abuse.
  • Sexual Abuse: A Conspiracy of Silence.
  • Sensitize medical professionals about their responsibilities.
  • The lost Victim. (Understand the various indicators in the context of sexual abuse and intervention).
  • Identify gaps in existing response systems and understand the need for a multidisciplinary team approach
  • Understanding the term burnout, causes, symptoms and prevention among medical professionals.

Most of the participants found the speaker excellent with her simple methodology of the training which includes informative sessions on Child Sexual Abuse and its consequences, explanation with examples, various techniques of communication with sexually abused children which is crucial while seek case history and Group activity with the scope for the participants to clear their uncertainties which they have while responding to the victim of sexual assault and which they were not understood in the past. Participants also sensitized and realized their responsibilities towards the issue and its impact on the society as well as the nation. The overall response was overwhelmingly positive.

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