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Three days Training Workshop to Sensitize the Health Care Providers on the issue of Violence Against Women(VAW).

Organised by: Direct Action for Women Now(DAWN)Worldwide and CEHAT.

Date: 12th to 14th December, 2014.

Venue: Atithi, Mumbai.

A 3-day training workshop was organised by Direct Action for Women Now (DAWN) Worldwide and Cehat to sensitize the health care providers on the issue of violence against women (VAW). It was a step taken in the direction of enabling the public peripheral hospitals to equip their staff to respond to violence against women and children. Participants comprised of fifteen doctors, ten nurses, three counselors, four community development officers and one registration assistant who attended the programme across 10 hospitals amongst which one hospital was from Goa. All these hospitals are in the process of replicating Dilaasa hospital based crisis centre in their own hospitals. The programme was graced by the presence of Dr Wadiwala, the Chief Medical Superintendent of all peripheral hospitals of Mumbai. He addressed the group with sheer determination and support for establishing the Dilaasa centre across all these hospitals in near future. Trainers from DAWN comprised of Dr.Sujata Warrier, Megan Bosson who have expertise in working with health, legal and police personnel. Training sessions comprised of enabling Health care providers (HCPs) to understand violence against women as a health issue, dealing with personal values while responding to survivors, understanding health consequences of violence against women, identifying protection and restoration requirements for such victims and steps in responding to these women and children. Methods adopted ranged from presentations, group activities, discussions, case-stories and role-plays. Apart from this an entire session on identifying different styles in which adults learn and the impact of it while designing an education program for the team or individual problem-solving was discussed in order to help them to become trainers. The last session ended with participants preparing group presentations focusing on how they would carry out a training session on VAW as a health issue with other HCPs. There is a plan to follow up with these hospitals on training and establishing Dilaasa centres by Cehat in near future.

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