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Aids Slide Show

Research Area : Women's health

There has been increasing prevalence of the HIV infection and cases of AIDS in India since the first case was detected in the mid-1980s. Given the social conditions of poverty, seasonal migrations of millions of labourers (15% of adult workforce) from rural area to towns in search of livelihood, crass commercialisation of sex in media and in real life, there is no wonder that the problem is becoming more acute. Thus, the need contributing to the awareness programme on this problem was pressing. Besides, one important lacuna in the health educational campaign about HIV/AIDS was the lack of a good slide show/poster exhibition, which is sound both from medico technical and social angle. CEHAT therefore, in collaboration with PRAYAS in Pune, prepared such a slide show and promoted its use for building the awareness programme. This set of 75 slides in Marathi was prepared with meticulous professional inputs of doctors, health-educators, social activists, feminists and media experts. It was extensively field-tested. The slide-set contains a range of slides. Different slides are meant for different types of viewers like doctors, health workers, urban and rural people etc. Some are common to many groups.

The slides have been prepared on a computer, so that by just inserting the translated text at appropriate places, different language versions could be prepared. Hindi and English versions are already available. PRAYAS also held a workshop in 1999 to facilitate translations into other languages. A-4 size paper output of each of the slides constitutes the mini 'paper exhibition', which can be used in small groups. A book in Marathi giving more information needed by the health educator, on each of the slides, has also been published. It acts as a resource book for the health educators. PRAYAS continues to hold workshops for health educators, who in turn use this slide-show extensively.

Supported by: India Development Service (IDS)Chicago, USA. Research Team : Vinay Kulkarni, Sanjeevani Kulkarni and Satish Kulkarni

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