Research Project

National Abortion Assessment Project

Research Area : Women's health

This is a multi dimension and multicentric research initiative co-coordinated by CEHAT and Healthwatch. A wide range of quantitative and qualitative studies looking at various dimensions of the abortion issue from profiling abortion services, quality of care, methods of abortion, cost of abortion services, decision making in abortion, sex selection, pregnancy outcomes, informal providers etc. were undertaken in 16 different states by 24 research institutions. These studies are now published and widely disseminated. Also a series of 10 working papers based on existing abortion research, and a special issue on abortion of the journal 'Seminar' has been published. The findings from these studies have also been widely disseminated in 24 states through consultations involving a wide range of stakeholders including policy makers, health program managers, medical professionals, women's groups and NGOs.

Supported by: Ford Foundation, Delhi and MacArthur Foundation, Chicago and Rockefeller Foundation, New York

Project Publications