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Advocacy on Abortion and sex-selection

Research Area : Women's health


Not a woman's choice: India's abortion limit puts women at risk, say campaigners

Author(s): Srivastava, Roli | Published Year: 2017

Reuters: 6 September 2017,

Don't drag child into MTP Act for grownups

Author(s): Times of India | Published Year: 2017

Mumbai: Times of India, 29 July 2017

Abortion, Sex Determination and Gender Biased Sex Selection Answers to Critical Questions

Author(s): CEHAT; UNFPA | Published Year: 2015

Mumbai: CEHAT and UNFPA, 18 p.

Shamed and scarred: Stories of 'legal' abortions in India

Author(s): Dixit, Neha | Published Year: 2013


Abortion and sex selection: Contentious issues in the campaign against sex selection

Author(s): Sana Contractor | Published Year: 2011

The Urban World, Special issue on sex selection and PCPNDT act. 4(3), July-Sep 2011, pp. 13-17

वैद्यकीय गर्भपात कायदा : महाराष्ट्रातील सेवा

Author(s): पटेल, दिव्या; चौधरी, लेनी; म्हात्रे, उज्ज्वला | Published Year: 2009

वैद्यकीय गर्भपात कायदा : महाराष्ट्रातील सेवा, मार्गदर्शिका, मुंबई : सेहत, १९ पा., २००९

स्त्रियांच्या माहितीकरिता पत्रक : गर्भापताविषयी सर्वकाही

Author(s): पटेल, दिव्या; चौधरी, लेनी | Published Year: 2009

मुंबई : सेहत, ४ पा., २००९

Sex Selection Issues & Concerns: A Compilation of Writings

Author(s): Duggal, Ravi; Menon, Sumita; Contractor, Qudsiya | Published Year: 2003

Mumbai: CEHAT, iv, 188 p., August 2003. [ISBN 81-89042-16-5]

Health Panorama No. 2 - Abortions in India

Author(s): CEHAT | Published Year: 2001

Mumbai: CEHAT, iv,88 p., June 2001

Access to 'Safe and Legal Abortion' Issues and Concerns: Summary Report of the State Level Consultation

Author(s): CEHAT | Published Year: 1998

Mumbai: CEHAT, viii,16 p., 1998

Report of the Regional Consultation on Responding to the Target Free Approach

Author(s): CEHAT | Published Year: 1997

Mumbai: CEHAT, 20 p., January 1997

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