Research Project

Establishing Health as a Human Right

Research Area : Health Services and Financing

The overall aim of the project was to set in motion, within the civil society, a process that seeks to establish the Right to Health Care, through research and documentation, advocacy, lobbying, campaigns and awareness and education activities.


  • To Review the legal, constitutional provisions, international covenants and aspects of the health care situation in India with a perspective of the Right to Health Care
  • Prepare a policy framework, a draft bill and an operational strategy to move towards the goal of Right to Health Care in India.
  • To facilitate and participate in an advocacy campaign, including possible legislative action to bring the Right to Health Care issue onto the political agenda in India.
  • To facilitate public understanding on issues involving health and human rights violations vis-a-vis the role of health professionals and patients rights.
  • To compile a health information database on Right to Health Care in India to support this advocacy.
  • To conduct conferences, workshops,seminars, orientation and training courses on Right to Health Care and to increase awarenesson this issue.

Project Supported by: NOVIB, Netherlands; Ford Foundation, New Delhi and Rangoonwala Foundation, UK