Research Project

Towards Strengthening Health and Health Care In India

Research Area : Health Services and Financing


Health-posts: wasting away

Author(s): Datta, P. T. Jyothi | Published Year: 2012

The Hindu, Business Line

Mapping of Urban Health Facilities in Maharashtra

Author(s): Dantas, Anandi | Published Year: 2011

Mumbai: CEHAT, 74 p., 2011 [ISBN: 978-81-89042-55-4]

Living on the Margins: Prawn Harvesters from Little Rann of Kutch (An Exploratory Study of Health Status)

Author(s): Pradhan, Anagha; Shaikh, Tayyaba | Published Year: 2011

Mumbai: Anandi, Gujarat and CEHAT, Mumbai, 114 p., 2011 [ISBN: 978-81-89042-56-1]

Punishing the poor? A look at evidence and action regarding user fees in health care

Published Year: 2011

Publication Details : Place: Publisher, Year Mumbai: CEHAT, 2011

National conference report: Emerging Health Care Models: Engaging the Private Health Sector, 25th – 26th September 2009 YMCA

Author(s): Barai - Jaitly, Tejal | Published Year: 2010

Mumbai: CEHAT, vi,42 p., 2010