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Dilaasa re-union: Journey of 21 years of reflection

CEHAT organised a re-union to celebrate 21 years of Dilaasa 

Dilaasa celebrated 21 years of its journey hence a reunion was organised by CEHAT with around 80 participants including medical officers to Dilaasa counsellors, ANM’s (Auxiliary nurse midwife) and DEO’s (Data entry operator) from 11 peripheral hospitals.  

Senior delegates from public health department: Dr Mangala Gomare (Executive Health Officer), Dr Santosh Revenkar (Former Deputy Executive Health officer), Dr Daksha Shah (Deputy Executive Health Officer), also graced the occasion. Similarly, Dr Vidya Thakur (Chief medical officer & H.O.D) and former Dilaasa in-charge Dr Seema Malik (Former chief medical officer & H.O.D. SHCS), were also present at the event.

The programme started with a picture story on the journey of Dilaasa throughout the years, with pictures of people involved in establishing Dilaasa and the core team members (doctors, matron, nurses) who helped it flourish over the years.  Our guests shared their experiences, and challenges faced while establishing Dilaasa back in the year 2000 at Bandra Bhabha hospital and the journey of its scale up in 11 peripheral hospitals. In the programme Standard operating procedures (SOP) for Dilaasa and hospitals was released by the dignitaries. SOP includes guideline for functioning of Dilaasa departments and hospitals describing the role of health care providers for responding to survivors of violence.

CEHAT delivered a short presentation of its research study on review of 11 Dilaasa centers which comprised findings on the journey of Dilaasa till its scale up, role of health care providers, challenges faced, overall budget of these centres.

Programme concluded with a short poem on ‘Dilaasa’, written by a counsellor from one of our hospitals at V.N. Desai.