Advocacy & Campaign

Health Budget and Advocacy

CEHAT’s work on health financing has led to a lot of literature on health budgets, financing and expenditure issues, including large field based studies to generate primary data. CEHAT has been conducting trainings and involved in advocacy on budgets among people to raise awareness and mobilize them for demanding higher allocations to social sector especially health. In the initial years CEHAT did research projects and came out with papers which mainly looked at major macro and micro issues related to the health services and financing. Health Expenditure Across States Financing of Disease Control Programmes in India

Budget is a critical policy document of the government that not only indicates the expenditure incurred but also reflects the policy priorities of the government. Understanding the budget and analyzing it can be effective instrument to demand transparency, accountability and to generate public pressure for influencing policy.

CEHAT has undertaken budget analysis and training with the intention to create awareness amongst people and empowering them with knowledge to scrutinise budgets and demand for transparency, accountability in governance. With this vision to create a momentum as it will serve a roadmap for mobilizing local groups who will monitor resource allocation and formulate their demand, enhance the rights based perspectives among the activities working at the grassroots and will create enabling environment of accountability and transparency for a good governance.