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Women's health


Gender in Medical Education: Perceptions of Medical Educators: Study conducted among medical educators of seven medical colleges in Maharashtra

Author(s): John, Priya; Bavadekar, Amruta; Hasnain, Ameerah; Karandikar, Asilata | Published Year: 2015

Mumbai: CEHAT. [ISBN: 978-81-89042-69-1]

Abortion, Sex Determination and Gender Biased Sex Selection Answers to Critical Questions

Author(s): CEHAT; UNFPA | Published Year: 2015

Mumbai: CEHAT, UNFPA, 2015, 18 p.

Exploring Religion based Discrimination in Health Facilities in Mumbai

Author(s): Khanday, Zamrooda; Tanwar, Yavnika | Published Year: 2013

Mumbai: CEHAT. [ISBN : 978-81-89042-66-0]

Report of the Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC), CEHAT ( December 2002 - December 2004 )

Author(s): CEHAT | Published Year: 2006

CEHAT : Mumbai, 51 p., 2006

Trapped Into Living: Women's Work Environment and their Perceptions of Health

Author(s): Swaminathan, Padmini | Published Year: 2005

Mumbai: CEHAT, 296 p., March 2005 [ISBN 81-89042-31-9]

Abortion in Maharashtra: Incidence, Care and Cost

Author(s): Duggal, Ravi; Saha, Shelley; Mishra, Manasee | Published Year: 2005

Mumbai: CEHAT, xiii, 126 p., January 2005. [ISBN 81-89042-32-7]

Domestic violence: Levels, correlates, causes, impact and response: A community based study of married women from Mumbai slums

Author(s): Khot, Anagha; Menon, Sumita; Dilip, T. R. | Published Year: 2004

Mumbai: CEHAT, 62 p., June 2004. [ISBN 81-89042-29-7]

Abortion Policy in India: Lacunae and future challenges

Author(s): Hirve, Siddhivinayak | Published Year: 2004

Mumbai: CEHAT, 88 p., May 2004. [ISBN 81-89042-30-0]

Abortion Services in India: Report of a multicentric enquiry

Author(s): Duggal, Ravi; Barge, Sandhya | Published Year: 2004

Mumbai: CEHAT, 78 p., December 2004. [ISBN 81-89042-34-3]

Abortion Assessment Project-India: Research Summaries and Abstracts

Author(s): CEHAT; Health Watch Trust | Published Year: 2004

(Including complete reports and papers on CD-ROM). Mumbai: CEHAT, 136 p., December 2004 [ISBN 81-89042-36-X]

Abortion Costs and Financing: A Review

Author(s): Sundar, Ramamani | Published Year: 2003

Mumbai: CEHAT, x,30 p., September 2003. [ISBN 81-89042-20-3]

Methodological Issues in Abortion Estimation

Author(s): Saha, Shelley | Published Year: 2003

Mumbai: CEHAT, xii, 24 p., October 2003. [ISBN 81-89042-22-X]

Assessing Potential for Induced Abortion Among Indian Women

Author(s): Dilip, T. R.; Mishra, U. S. | Published Year: 2003

Mumbai: CEHAT, x,18 p., November 2003. [ISBN 81-89042-25-4]

Negative Choice Sex Determination and Sex Selective Abortion in India

Author(s): Mallik, Rupsa | Published Year: 2003

Mumbai: CEHAT, xii, 28 p., September 2003. [ISBN 81-89042-21-1]

Professional Abortion Seekers: The Sex - of Kolkata

Author(s): Ghosh, Swati | Published Year: 2003

Mumbai: CEHAT, vii,20 p., October 2003. [ISBN 81-89042- 24-6]

Sex Selection Issues & Concerns: A Compilation of Writings

Author(s): Duggal, Ravi; Menon, Sumita; Contractor, Qudsiya | Published Year: 2003

Mumbai: CEHAT, iv, 188 p., August 2003. [ISBN 81-89042-16-5]

Abortion Options for Rural Women: Case Studies from the Villages of Bokaro District, Jharkhand

Author(s): Barnes, Lindsay | Published Year: 2003

Mumbai, CEHAT, viii,20 p., September 2003. [ISBN 81-89042-18-1]

Sexuality, Abortion and the Media: A Review of Adolescent Concerns

Author(s): Anand, Anita | Published Year: 2003

x,22 p., September 2003. [ISBN 81-89042-19-X]

Abortion Training in India: A Long Way to Go

Author(s): Batra, Sangeeta; Rabindranathan, Sunanda | Published Year: 2003

Mumbai: CEHAT, x, 18 p., October 2003. [ISBN 81-89042-23-8]

Quality of Abortion Care: A Reality

Author(s): Bandewar, Sunita; Sumant, Madhuri | Published Year: 2002

iv, 216 p., 2002 [ISBN 81-89042-13-0]

Abortion Practice in India: A Review of Literature

Author(s): Bart, Johnston Heidi | Published Year: 2002

viii,24 p., May 2002 [ISBN 81-89042-10-6]

Gender and Medical Education : Report of National Consultation and Background Material

Author(s): Jesani, Amar; Madhiwalla, Neha | Published Year: 2002

viii,136 p., June 2002 [ISBN 81-89042-11-4]

Genocide in Gujarat 2002: Impact on Health and Women

Author(s): CEHAT | Published Year: 2002

Mumbai: CEHAT, vi ,214 p., May 2002

Women and Health Care in Mumbai: A Study of Morbidity, Utilisation and Expenditure on Health Care in the Households of the Metropolis

Author(s): Jesani, Amar; Nandraj, Sunil; Sinha, Roopashri; Madhiwalla, Neha | Published Year: 2001

77 p., September 2001 [ISBN 81-89042-09-2]

Health Panorama No. 2 - Abortions in India

Author(s): CEHAT | Published Year: 2001

Mumbai: CEHAT, iv,88 p., June 2001

Health, Households and Women's Lives: A Study of Illness and Childbearing Among Women in Nasik District, Maharashtra

Author(s): Nandraj, Sunil; Sinha, Roopashri; Madhiwalla, Neha | Published Year: 2000

Mumbai: CEHAT, 141 p., June 2000 [ISBN 81-89042-06-0]

Studies in Reproductive Health Services in India (1990-1991): Selected Annotated Bibliography

Author(s): Bandewar, Sunita; Saha, Shelley | Published Year: 2000

Mumbai: CEHAT, 165 p., December 2000 [ISBN 81-89042-07-6]

Access to 'Safe and Legal Abortion' Issues and Concerns: Summary Report of the State Level Consultation

Author(s): CEHAT | Published Year: 1998

Mumbai: CEHAT, viii,16 p., 1998

Report of the Regional Consultation on Responding to the Target Free Approach

Author(s): CEHAT | Published Year: 1997

Mumbai: CEHAT, 20 p., January 1997