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Implementing a Comprehensive Healthcare Response to Sexual Violence

Research Area : Violence and Health


Despite Government Ban Indian Doctors Continue to Subject Rape Survivors to Intrusive, Illegal Tests

Author(s): | Published Year: 2018, 11 January 2018

Herstory 8 landmark judgements that changed the course for women in India

Author(s): George, Milan | Published Year: 2018, 15th January 2018

Need for gender sensitive health system responses to violence against women and children

Author(s): Chandrasekhar, Aarthi | Published Year: 2018

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In the Moments After Rape: What To Do, Who to Reach Out To

Author(s): The Quint | Published Year: 2018

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Understanding Dynamics of Sexual Violence Study of Case Records

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Ethical concerns related to mandatory reporting of sexual violence

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Medico legal aspects of sexual violence: Impact on court judgments

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Everyone Blames Me: Barriers to justice and support services for sexual assault survivors in India

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Calendar 2015 Violence Against Women and Girls is Systemic

Author(s): CEHAT | Published Year: 2015

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Sexual violence is not your fault (Goa)

Author(s): Asilo | Published Year: 2015

Sexual Violence Pamphlets in Hindi, English, Marathi for Goa

Sexual violence is not your fault (Mumbai)

Author(s): DILAASA | Published Year: 2014

Sexual violence pamphlets in Hindi, English, Marathi for Dilaasa, Mumbai

One stop crisis centre to help women fight abuse

Author(s): Madhukalya, Amrita | Published Year: 2014

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Feminist Counselling and Domestic Violence in India

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Doctors to cops: the horror of rape examination in India

Author(s): George, Arun | Published Year: 2013

How to Report a Rape in India

Author(s): Lahiri, Tripti | Published Year: 2013

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Many rape survivors wipe off evidence: study

Author(s): Tatke, Sukhada | Published Year: 2013

The Hindu

What do you do if you have been raped?

Author(s): Susan, Nisha | Published Year: 2013

Medical tests should be more sensitive to rape victims

Published Year: 2013

Times of India

Anti-Women pratices: The case of the two-finger test

Author(s): Nithya, R. | Published Year: 2013

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Implementation of Protocols to respond to Sexual Assault- Experiences from the field

Author(s): Rege, Sangeeta; Sana Contractor | Published Year: 2009

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