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Implementing a Comprehensive Healthcare Response to Sexual Violence

Research Area : Violence and Health



Author(s): CEHAT | Published Year: 2019

This year, CEHAT’s calendar aims to present voices of rape survivors and positive experiences with different systems such as police, public prosecutors, judiciary, social workers, shelters and the like. The attempt is to show positive experiences with the stakeholders, as a lot is known about negative experiences.

GMCH module on gender perspective wins top award.

Author(s): Times of India | Published Year: 2019

Times of India, 1st May 2019

‘2-finger virginity test’ to be erased from Maharashtra syllabus.

Author(s): DebRoy, Sumitra | Published Year: 2019

Times of India, 8 May 2019

Despite Government Ban Indian Doctors Continue to Subject Rape Survivors to Intrusive, Illegal Tests

Author(s): | Published Year: 2018, 11 January 2018

Herstory 8 landmark judgements that changed the course for women in India

Author(s): George, Milan | Published Year: 2018, 15th January 2018

Need for gender sensitive health system responses to violence against women and children

Author(s): Chandrasekhar, Aarthi | Published Year: 2018

IJME, Vol. III, No.1, January - March, 2018

In the Moments After Rape: What To Do, Who to Reach Out To

Author(s): The Quint | Published Year: 2018

The Quint, 4th April 2018

Understanding Dynamics of Sexual Violence Study of Case Records

Author(s): CEHAT; MCGM | Published Year: 2018

Mumbai: CEHAT, viii, 93 p. ISBN : 978-81-89042-80-6

Violence Against Women and Role of Health Professionals: A Training Curriculum

Published Year: 2018

Mumbai: CEHAT, xvi, 167 p., ISBN: 978-81-89042-83-7

Ethical concerns related to mandatory reporting of sexual violence

Author(s): Rege, Sangeeta; Reddy, Jagadeesh Narayana; Bhate-Deosthali, Padma | Published Year: 2017

Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. II(2), April-June 2017, pp. 116-120

Medico legal aspects of sexual violence: Impact on court judgments

Author(s): Rege, Sangeeta; Reddy, Jagadeesh Narayana; Bhate-Deosthali, Padma | Published Year: 2017

Journal of Forensic Research and Analysis, Volume 1 - Issue 1, 29 November 2017, pp. 1 - 7

Everyone Blames Me: Barriers to justice and support services for sexual assault survivors in India

Author(s): Human Rights Watch | Published Year: 2017

Human Rights Watch, New Delhi, Web Edition, 8 November 2017

Calendar 2015 Violence Against Women and Girls is Systemic

Author(s): CEHAT | Published Year: 2015

CEHAT, Violence Against Women and Girls in Systemic Calendar 2015, 16 p.

Sexual violence is not your fault (Goa)

Author(s): Asilo | Published Year: 2015

Sexual Violence Pamphlets in Hindi, English, Marathi for Goa

Sexual violence is not your fault (Mumbai)

Author(s): DILAASA | Published Year: 2014

Sexual violence pamphlets in Hindi, English, Marathi for Dilaasa, Mumbai

One stop crisis centre to help women fight abuse

Author(s): Madhukalya, Amrita | Published Year: 2014

DNA India

Feminist Counselling and Domestic Violence in India

Author(s): Rege, Sangeeta; Prakash, Padma; Bhate-Deosthali, Padma | Published Year: 2013

New Delhi: Routledge, xxii, 330 p., India, April 2013, (ISBN : 978-0-415-83206-9)

Doctors to cops: the horror of rape examination in India

Author(s): George, Arun | Published Year: 2013

How to Report a Rape in India

Author(s): Lahiri, Tripti | Published Year: 2013

The Wall Street Journal

Many rape survivors wipe off evidence: study

Author(s): Tatke, Sukhada | Published Year: 2013

The Hindu

What do you do if you have been raped?

Author(s): Susan, Nisha | Published Year: 2013

Medical tests should be more sensitive to rape victims

Published Year: 2013

Times of India

Anti-Women pratices: The case of the two-finger test

Author(s): Nithya, R. | Published Year: 2013

News Click.In

Implementation of Protocols to respond to Sexual Assault- Experiences from the field

Author(s): Rege, Sangeeta; Sana Contractor | Published Year: 2009

"Proceedings of the International conference on gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health, organized jointly by the National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, UNDP/UNFPA/WHO/World Bank special programme of research, development and research training in human reproduction, World Health Organization and Indian Society for the study of reproductive and fertility, Mumbai, India 15-18 February 2009. February 15-18, 2009, Mumbai

Response of health system to sexual violence: study of six health facilities in two districts of Maharashtra

Author(s): Pitre, Amita; Pandey, Meenu | Published Year: 2009

Mumbai: CEHAT, x,110 p., 2009, ISBN : 978-81-89042-49-3

Calendar 2008 Health Care Response to Survivors of Sexual Violence

Author(s): DILAASA | Published Year: 2008

Dilaasa, Health Care Response to Survivors of Sexual Violence, Calendar 2008, 8 p.