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Dilaasa – A hospital-based Crisis Counselling department for women facing violence

Research Area : Violence and Health


Domestic Violence - Posters

Author(s): DILAASA | Published Year: 2018

Dilaasa: Mumbai

Violence against women as a health care issue: Perceptions and approaches

Author(s): Rege, Sangeeta; Bhate-Deosthali, Padma | Published Year: 2018

New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2018, Equity and access: Health care studies in India. Edited by Purendra Prasad and Amar Jesani. (Violence against women as a health care issue: Perceptions and approaches. by Sangeeta Rege and Padma Bhate-Deosthali, pp. 286 - 302


Published Year: 2018

जीवन हे जगण्यासाठी आहे. सुसाईड पैम्फलेट (मुंबई)

Author(s): DILAASA | Published Year: 2017

Suicide Pamphlets Marathi, Mumbai, p. 2

Your life is valuable! Let us safeguard it together (Mumbai)

Author(s): DILAASA | Published Year: 2017

Suicide Pamphlets, Mumbai, p. 2

Domestic Violence - Pamphlets ( Goa )

Published Year: 2015

Dilaasa Pamphlets for Goa

Guidelines for Health Professionals in Responding to Women Facing Violence

Author(s): DILAASA | Published Year: 2015

CEHAT, Mumbai, p. 8

लैंगिक हिंसा प्रतिबंधासाठी दिलासा

Author(s): Burte, Aruna | Published Year: 2014

Miloon Maryajani Marathi Masik, May 2014, pp. 22 - 25

Rethinking gender-based violence and public health policies in India Insights from Dilaasa, Mumbai, India

Author(s): Bhate-Deosthali; Duggal, Ravi | Published Year: 2013

in Keerty Nakray (ed.) Gender Based Violence and Public Health - International Perspectives on Budgets and Policies 2013, pp. 184-196.

Manual for Medical Examination of Sexual Assault (Revised after Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2013)

Published Year: 2012

Mumbai: CEHAT, x,64 p., 2012 [ISBN: 978-81-89042-59-2]

Ethical Guidelines for Counseling Women Facing Domestic Violence

Published Year: 2012

Mumbai: CEHAT, 32 p., 2012 [ISBN: 978-81-89042-60-8]

Establishing a Comprehensive Health Sector Response to Sexual Assault

Published Year: 2012

Mumbai: CEHAT, 77 p., 2012 [ISBN: 978-81-89042-63-9]

Calendar 2012 Looking Beyond Symptoms

Author(s): CEHAT | Published Year: 2012

CEHAT, Calendar 2012 Looking Beyond Symptoms, 10 p.

Responding to sexual assault: A study of practices of health professionals in a public hospital

Author(s): Sana Contractor | Published Year: 2011

Mumbai: CEHAT and New Delhi: SAMA, 58 p., 2011 [ISBN: 978-81-89042-57-8]

Dilaasa and Point of View present ‘At The Crossroads’ इस मोड पर Directed by Ipshita Maitra

Author(s): DILAASA | Published Year: 2011

CEHAT, Mumbai, Documentary Films,

Calendar 2011 Violence Sexual Assault the Role of Health Care Providers

Author(s): CEHAT | Published Year: 2011

CEHAT, Calendar 2011, Violence sexual assault the role of health care providers, 10 p.

Manual for medical examination of sexual assault

Published Year: 2010

Mumbai: CEHAT, x,58 p., 2010 [ISBN: 978-81-89-042-51-6]

DILAASA Evaluation Report

Author(s): Ravindran, TK Sundari; Undurti, Vindhya | Published Year: 2010

Dilaasa : Mumbai, 63 p.

Calendar 2009 The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA)

Author(s): DILAASA | Published Year: 2009

DILAASA, The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA), Calendar 2009, 14 p.

Breaking the Culture of Silence: Uniting to fight domestic violence

Author(s): Burte, Aruna | Published Year: 2008

Mumbai: CEHAT, xii,75 p. 2008

Guidelines for Counselling Women Facing Violence

Author(s): Rege, Sangeeta | Published Year: 2008

Mumbai: CEHAT, 48 p., 2008

चौकट तोडून बघताना

Author(s): Naik, Pramila | Published Year: 2008

Mumbai: CEHAT, 24 p., June 2008

Calendar 2007 Violence Against Women (VAW)

Author(s): DILAASA | Published Year: 2007

Dilaasa, Violence Against Women (VAW), Calendar 2007, 11 p.

Calendar 2006 Towards a world without violence...

Author(s): DILAASA | Published Year: 2006

Dilaasa, Towards a world without violence..., Calendar 2006, 8 p.

Establishing Dilaasa: Documenting the Challenges

Author(s): Deosthali, Padma; Maghnani, Purnima; Malik, Seema | Published Year: 2005

Mumbai: CEHAT, vi,43 p., 2005.

Choosing to Live: Guidelines for Suicide Prevention Counselling in Domestic Violence

Author(s): Rege, Sangeeta; Burte, Aruna; Deosthali, Padma | Published Year: 2005

Mumbai: CEHAT, vi,57 p. September 2005.

Process Documentation of Training of Trainers

Author(s): CEHAT | Published Year: 2004

Mumbai: CEHAT, xx,134 p., January 2004. [ISBN 81-89042-26-2]

Domestic Violence - A Health Care Issue: Training Module for Sensitisation of Hospital Staff

Author(s): DILAASA | Published Year: 2003

Mumbai: Dilaasa, vi, 13 p.

Health Panorama No.1- Violence: A Health Issue

Author(s): CEHAT | Published Year: 2000

Mumbai: CEHAT, viii,72 p., January 2000

A Comprehensive Health Sector Response to Sexual Assault Does the Delhi High Court Judgment Pave the Way?

Author(s): N. Jagadeesh; Rege, Sangeeta; Padma Deosthali; Sana Contractor; Seema Malik |

This first paper in the CEHAT Working Papers series draws from its collective action research experience over the years in addressing the issue of sexual assault.

Feminist Response to Attempted Suicide: A Model for Public Health Intervention

Author(s): Rege, Sangeeta; Padma Deosthali |

Domestic violence is described as a pattern of continuous or intermittent coercive behaviour and control. It is used to humiliate women and force them to conform/adhere to gender roles...

कौटुंबिक हिंसा-पोस्टर

Author(s): CEHAT |

Mumbai, CEHAT, P.1

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