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GME Brochure

Published Year: 2015

Gender and Medical Education (GME) Brochure, 2015 A project for training medical educators in state medical colleges in Maharashtra to incorporate a gender perspective in their teaching

About Gender in Medical Education (GME): Health is often predicated on social structures with prescriptive gender identities and associated power relations. Gender is a pivotal determinant of health. Health is experienced differently by men, women and intersexed persons owing to 'sex-specific vulnerabilities' and 'gendered vulnerabilities'. Gender's interaction with health is alsowitnessed in the variation in access to health systems and services for men, women and intersexed persons/transgenders. In India, we find that medical education comprising training and curriculum, is far removed from gender theory and perspective. The WHO recognises the need for a systematic integration of gender in medical education specifically, in the 'pre-service training curricula' of students.

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Charter of Patients Rights

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Declining Sex-ratio - Status in Maharashtra

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Stop Sex Selection and Sex Determination

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Sexual Violence - Pamphlets

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Sexual violence pamphlets in Hindi, English, Marathi for Dilaasa, Mumbai

Domestic Violence - Pamphlets

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Domestic Violence - Posters

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Right to Abortion

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