Health and Health Care in Maharashtra: an update

Published Year: 2012

(2012).Mumbai: CEHAT

Maharashtra has a legacy of social reform, and it has been historically at the forefront of healthcare development in India. Reportedly, it was one of the first states to achieve the norms mandated for primary health centres, sub-centres and Rural Hospitals, under the Minimum Needs Programme. The state also has a large private health sector in India whose reach is quite extensive. Although Maharashtra is one of the most affluent states in India in terms of economic growth, its economic power does not necessarily translate into human development achievements partly because of the high level of intra-state inequities. In addition to such inequities, unacceptable levels of malnourishment and decline in public expenditure on health as a percentage of NSDP which has contributed to staff unavailability and the decline in quality of public health care have had adverse impacts on the health status of the citizens of the state. This report takes forward the analysis offered in the 2005 report titled “Health and Healthcare in Maharashtra: A Status Report ”and will discuss the health and healthcare situation in Maharashtra based on latest data available with a focus on inequities. Various health indicators, physical infrastructure, access, utilization, health care expenditure, and various government initiatives in the health sector will be discussed in detail. Download full report

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