Library and Documentation Unit

Information generation and dissemination is an essential feature of the Library ad Documentation unit. The unit provides information to those who are engaged in research, advocacy and training on various health issues.

The library has grown from a need-based collection of books and documents to a systematically organised and catalogued library and document repository. Students, journalists, medical professionals, social workers, lawyers, trainers, activists, development workers, counsellors, are welcome to use the library for reference.

The publications are outcome of CEHAT's own research projects which have focused on relevant research and has endeavoured to inform campaigns around social issues. They are in the form of books, research reports, manuals, posters and resource materials.

CEHAT also has a Computerized Statistical Health Database on over 500 variables on various health indicators. The database gives State and All India level information.


Visitors Information

The Library is primarily for the use of the staff of the centre. However, visitors from other academic and research institutions, Students, journalists, medical professionals, social workers, lawyers, trainers, activists, development workers, counsellors, are welcome to use the library for reference. No membership fee is charged for external members.No borrowing facility is available to Visitors.

Library Timings

CEHAT Library is open on all working days (Monday to Friday) between 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.The library will remain close on Saturday and Sunday and on all National holidays.


All employees of the institutes of Anusandhan Trust and the trustees are entitled to register as members of the Resource Centre and to use the facilities & services offered for the purpose of their academic, research and administrative work. Use of Resource Centre facilities and services implies acceptance of Unit rules and procedures.Library Policies

Library Collection

The library has a rich collection of books, journals, articles, Newspaper's clippings, relating to health and related themes.There are around 12,000 books and reports, 6000 reprints. The library subscribes 12 periodicals and gets 30 periodicals on gratis. The collection is one of its unique kind on Social Science Research in Health.The collection is rich and contains a specialized selection of literature on health and related subjects.

The library is computerized using the SLIM System for Library Information and Management, software. Books in the library can be issues only to the organization staff external members can use the library for only referencing.


Reference Section

The Reference Section comprises reference documents such as annual reports of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, bibliographies, census reports, dictionaries, directories, district gazetteers, Human Development reports, Technical Report Series of WHO, World Development reports, State and National Budget documents, NFHS and RCH reports and papers, National Accounts Statistics, Health Information India, Statistical Abstracts and Sources.List of Reference Documents

Journals and Magazines

The Unit subscribes 12 periodicals and gets 30 periodicals on gratis List of Periodicals. These are in alphabetical order displayed on the Journal Rack. The Unit also subscribes 6 Newspapers List of Newspapers

Bound Volumes of Journals

The Unit preserves certain selected scholarly and other useful journals on Health. Refer to the alphabetical list List of Bound Volumes List


Cehat has a wide collection of reprints these have been collected from various scholarly journals, conference papers and seminar papers. These are written by different subject experts and are collected from well known resources. This collection covers many subjects like Public Health, Health Care, Abortion, Rape, Domestic Violence, Human Rights, Rape, HIV/Aids, Reproductive Health, Mental Health etc. The reprints are entered in the library database and are tagged for easy access.

CD/VCD/Video Collection

The collection has 263 Cd's and Vcd's which includes Documentary Films, CD received along with journals and Magazines, Data CD's which includes Census data(All India and State), ChildInfo, RCH, NFHS,and others. The collection can be searched easily in the Library Database. Documentary Cd's Data CD's


Library Services

Reprographic Services

The Library provides photocopying service for the library users. Photo Coping facility is available with a minimal charge of Rs.1/- per page.

Newspaper Clippings

Selected Newspaper Clippings on various topics like Public Health, Health care , Aids Awareness, Health Legislation, Patient's rights, Women's Health, Violence etc are clipped from the subscribed newspapers and are maintained in files. These are arranged Title-wise and Date-wise for referencing.

Document Delivery Services

Document Delivery Service basically refers to the supply of photocopy of our organizational repositories against a request from a user either through the librarian, research staff or from the users directly. The users can send their request either by post, E-Mail or telephone. On the basis of users request the library will charge a nominal rate for handling the service which includes the photocopying and postage cost.

Information & Reference Services

We offer Information and Reference services in order to meet the information needs of a variety of different patrons, whether they are a staff member, or the general public. We can help them to locate materials in our collections or at other libraries. By use of reference books, indexes, databases and assist them in formulating effective search strategies to streamline their research.

Access to Statistical Health Database

The database provides valuable data on health sector from 1951 to the latest available years (the census data are from 10-yearly periods) which have been collected from various secondary sources. The data is put under distributed under five major heads Finance, Humanpower, Indicators, Infrastructure, and Socio Economic Data in a user friendly database. Users can select the required indicators and run independent tables and save the files in pdf formats.



New Arrivals of Books

Recent additions of books are displayed for reference in the new arrivals section for 15 days and then added to the book collection. New addition list is prepared and circulated to the staff. List of New Arrivals


Books on Approval

New book under various social science topics are bought on approval basis from book publishers and displayed in the library. Staff members are required to go through the book and suggest for purchase to the librarian. Simultaneously a list is also circulated to the staff.

Library and Documentation Bulletin

This e-bulletin is a quarterly bulletin which updates information related to Health services & Financing, Health Legislation & Patients’ Rights, Women’s Health & Human Rights on the broad themes which CEHAT works. It also provides gives updates about the new services that are introduced in the CEHAT Library and Docuemntation Unit. eBulletin Issues