New Arrivals (March 2009)



307.14 / HOG / 13680

Dilemmas of development work: Ethical challenges in regeneration / by Paul Hoggett; Marjorie Mayo and Chris Miller
UK: The Policy Press, Y 2009.
Keywords: Social development; Community development; Social policy; Community representation; Modernization; Community governance


305.56 / REG / 13668

Dalit studies as pedagogical practice: Claiming more than just a Little Place in the academia / by Sharmila Rege
Madras: Madras Institute of Development Studies, Y 2006.
Keywords: Dalit; Research studies; Cast; Pedagogical practice; Social sciences; Feminism; Dalit women


306.87 / WHO / 13672

Summary report: WHO multi-country study on women's health and domestic violence against women: Initial results on prevalence, health outcomes and women's responses / by World Health Organization
Geneva: World Health Organization, Y 2005.
Keywords: Domestic violence; Sex offense; Women's health; Cross-cultural comparison; Multicenter studies; Epidemiologic studies

306.87 / WHO / 13673

Addressing violence against women and achieving the millenniym development goals. / by World Health Organization. Geneva: World Health Organization, Y 2005.
Keywords: Women's rights; Women's health; Women education; Domestic violence; Economic development; Goals

306.87 / NIRRH / 13675

International conference on gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health, 15-18 February 2009, Mumbai, India: Programme and abstracts / by NIRRH
Mumbai: National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, Y 2009.
Keywords: Gender-based violence; Sexual health; Reproductive health; Sexual violence


305.42 / DAB / 13677

Gender discrimination in the kashmir valley: A survey of Budgam and Baramulla districts / by Bashir Ahmad Dabla; Sandeep K. Nayak and Khurshid-Ul-Islam
New Delhi: Gyan Publishing House, Y 2000.
Keywords: Sex discrimination; Budgaum district; Baramulla district; Feminism; India

305.42 / SAH / 13682

Selected readings: IV International congress women work and health / by Amita Sahaya
New Delhi: Women Work and Health Initiative, Y 2008.
Keywords: Gender mainstreaming; Women workers; Sexual harassment; Women and health

371.822 / IND / 13683

Education for women's empowerment: Gender-positive initiatives in pace-setting women's colleges / by Jaya Indiresan
Delhi: Konark Publishers Pvt. Ltd., Y 2002.
Keywords: Women and education; Universities and colleges-curricula; Women's studies' Women in development; Social change

305.42 / TAY / 13684

Mercerization of governance: Critical feminist perspectives from the south / by Viviene Taylor
Cape Town: SADEP, Y 2000.
Keywords: Feminist perspectives; Democracy; Citizenship; Nationality; Rights; Accountability; Political participation; Representation


614.0262 / POT / 13669

Participation and the right to the highest attainable standard of health / by Helen Potts
UK: Human Rights Centre, Y 2008.
Keywords: Health and human rights; Participation and accountability; Case studies; Right to health

614.0262 / POT / 13690

Accountability and the right to the highest attainable standard of health / by Helen Potts
UK: Human Rights Centre, Y 2008.
Keywords: Health and human rights; Right to health; Accountability; National; Regional; International


362.1095482 / MUR / 13681

Social welfare programmes and fertility decline: A social reform approach / by P. Murugesan.
Delhi: Abhijeet Publications, Y 2009.
Keywords: Human service in India; Tamil Nadu; Birth control; Social policy


330.954 / GOI / 13437

Economic Survey 2007-2008 / by Government of India
New Delhi 110002: Ministry of Finance, Y 2008.
Keywords: Economics; Survey findings; Fiscal development; Public finance; Agriculture; Food management; Industry; Infrastructure; Social sectors


332.04 / RAJ / 13686

Saving capitalism from the capitalists: Unleashing the power of financial markets to create wealth and spread opportunity / by Raghuram G. Rajan and Luigi Zingales
New York: Crown Business, Y 2003.
Keywords: Capital market; Financial development; Capitalism-moral and ethical aspects; Political economy


306.74 / DAT / 13674

Struggle to be human: A training manual, looking at sex work and prostitution through the lens of gender, sexuality and rights / by Bipasha Datta; Maya Ganesh; Bishakha Datta and Meena Seshu.
Mumbai: Point of View, Y 2006.
Keywords: Prostitution; Sex workers; Sexual rights; HIV/AIDS; Case studies; Training manual

306.740 95487 / PUCL / 13688

Policing morality in Channapatna: A PUCL-K fact finding report / by PUCL
Bangalore: People's Union for Civil Liberties,
Keywords: Prostitution; Violence; Police response; PUCL; Karnataka


614.5992 / ARROW / 13687

Advocating accountability: Status report on maternal health and young people's sexual and reproductive health and rights in South Asia / by ARROW
Kuala Lumpur: ARROW, Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women
Keywords: Maternal health; Reproductive rights; Sexual rights; Advocacy; Bangladesh; Nepal; Pakistan; India


306.87 / KOS / 13676

Rape victim: Clinical and community interventions / by Mary P. Koss and Mary R. Harvey
London: SAGE Publications, Y 1991.
Keywords: Rape-United States; Rape victim's services; Counseling; Community mental health services


307.344 / COHRE / 13678

Successes and strategies: Responses to forced evictions. / by COHRE.
Geneva: Centre On Housing Rights and Evictions, Y 2008.
Keywords: Halting evictions; Community development; Forced eviction; Urban planning

307.344 / COHRE / 13679

Women, slums and urbanization: Examining the causes and consequences / by COHRE
Geneva: COHRE, Y 2008.
Keywords: Urbanization; Women and Urbanization; Women's migration; Case studies; Violence against women; Gender-based discrimination; Conflict and disaster; HIV/AIDS; Poverty


300.72 / GIL / 13670

Researching social life / by Nigel Gilbert
London: SAGE Publications Ltd., Y 2008.
Keywords: Research methodology; Social science research; Quality of research; Qualitative data analysis; Ethics of social research


315.40954792 / GOM / 13691

Statistical abstract of Maharashtra State 2001-2002 / by Government of Maharashtra
Mumbai: Directorate of Economic and Statistics, Government of Maharashtra, Y 2008.
Keywords: Statistical abstract; Maharashtra state; Area and population; Vital statistics; Housing; Education; Mass communication; Health; Family welfare; Social welfare services; Social security; Social defense


305.4 / SUJ / 13685

Climbing a long road: Women in agriculture in India ten years after Bejing / by C.P. Sujaya
Chennai: M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Y 2006.
Keywords: Women; Agriculture; Women and poverty; Skill development; Women in power


Economic & Political Weekly, Vol. XLIV, No.10 to 12, March 2009


  • Red herring in police reforms by Mihir Desai
    Abstract: Contrary to popular belief, political interference is not the main reason for the many ills that plague the police force. A number of committees, the National Police Commission, a major Supreme Court judgment and even a draft model police bill have all dwelt on the urgent need for police reform and listed significant recommendations. Nothing has been put into actual practice. However, even these reports and judgments have not dealt with important issues like accountability to communities, involvement of the larger society in policing and the police bias against women, dalits and minorities.
    Keywords: Police; Women; Dalits and Minorities (No. 10)
  • Reframing Globalisation: Perspectives from the Women’s Movement by Mary E John
    Abstract: This is a feminist invitation to rethink the nation-to-globalisation narrative that structures prominent approaches to India’s post-independence history. Exploring the question from different vantage points, it argues that the long history of the women’s movement in India from the 19th century onwards has been fundamentally international in scope within which the “nation” occupied a troubled position. The more recent challenges of caste and sexuality are further reasons to question a unidimensional conceptualisation of the present. The very pressing uncertainties besetting the future of the women’s movement in India – and elsewhere – would be better appreciated within a “post-national” as against a “global” conjectural analysis.
    Keywords: Globalisation; Women's movement; Feminist perspectives; India (No. 10)
  • Deaths in prisons in Andhra Pradesh by Murali Karnam
    Abstract: A perusal of the state of prisoners incarcerated in Andhra Pradesh reveals a tragic story of denial of treatment to prisoners who are ailing and a rise in deaths of those in custody. This is indicative of the utter callousness of the prison authorities.
    Keywords: Prisons death; Andhara Pradesh; India; Custodial death (No.11)
  • Child Labour in Industrial Outworker Households in India by Mario Biggeri; Santosh Mehrotra and Ratna M Sudarshan
    Abstract: Child labour is widespread in home-based manufacturing activities in the informal sector in most developing countries. However, very little is known of child labour in industrial outwork. The aim of this paper is twofold: on the one hand, to understand whether children in home-based work households are more likely to work than other children and, if so, how this impacts their capabilities; and, on the other, to outline policy implications for India. This paper draws on ad hoc surveys and a country study carried out in India. It examines the incidence of child work in such households, the child’s schooling, and reasons why children are working, their work conditions, and gender issues. Econometric analysis is applied to analyze the determinants of child activity status. Policy implications are spelled out at the end.
    Keywords: Child labour; India; Developing countries; Work condition (No.12)
  • Tragic Widows or Cunning Witches? Reflections on Representations of Women in Tamil Myths and Legends by Vijaya Ramaswamy
    Abstract: This article looks at some of the broad paradigms within which women-oriented Tamil myths and legends have operated. Besides presenting contrasting images that cut through the frozen iconisation of women encountered in classical or so- called “high tradition” texts, the article also focuses on the transformational qualities of folk legends as they move between texts and contexts.
    Keywords: Widows; Women: Tamil Nadu; Transformation (No.12)

Health Action, Vol.22, No.3, March 2009


  • Culture and drug susceptibility tests in managing tuberculosis: Experiences from an NGO laboratory by Aparna B. Srikantam
    Keywords: TB; NGOs; Drug susceptibility; Infection control
  • RNTCP in India: Time for a New Look by Anurag Bhargava and Yogesh Jain
    Keywords: Dots; Tuberculosis; WHO
  • Glimpses into immune defects during TB-HIV co-infection by D. Porichha
    Keywords: TB-HIV; HIV/AIDS; Cell-mediated immunity
  • STDs among auto-drivers of north Chennai: A study of knowledge and practices by M. Rajeswari
    Keywords: STDs; Auto-drivers; HIV/AIDS; Study; Awareness; Conclusion and Recommendations