New Arrivals (February 2009)



658.154 / CBGA / 13662

People's charter of demands for union budget 2009-10: People's budget initiative / by CBGA
New Delhi: Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability, Y 2009
Keywords: Budget; Charter; Union budget; Government of India


362.7 / UNICEF / 13665

State of the world's children 2009: Maternal and newborn health / by UNICEF
New York: UNICEF, Y 2008
Keywords: Children; Newborn child health; Maternal health care; strengthening health system


158.3 / SCH / 13643

Dimensions of multicultural counseling: A life story approach / by Sara E. Schwarzbaum and Anita Jones Thomas
New Delhi: Sage Publications, Y 2008
Keywords: Cross cultural counseling; Minorities counseling of case studies


306.87 / NIRRH / 13647

International conference on gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health 15-18 February 2009, Mumbai, India: Programme and abstracts / by NIRRH
Mumbai: National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, Y 2009
Keywords: Gender based violence; Violence against women; Violence against children; Sexual violence; Reproductive health; HIV/AIDS; Sex selection

306.87 / LC / 13648

Staying alive: Second monitoring evaluation report 2008 on the protection of women from domestic violence act, 2005 / by Lawyers Collective
New Delhi: Lawyers Collective, Y 2008
Keywords: Violence against women; Domestic violence; Act 2005, India


614.0262 / HUN / 13655

Reducing maternal mortality: The contribution of the right to the highest attainable standard of health / by Paul Hunt and Judith Bueno De Mesquita
Essex: Human Rights Centre, Y 2007
Keywords: Health and human rights; Maternal mortality; Standard of health

614.0262 / HUN / 13656

Health systems and the right to the highest attainable standard of health / by Paul Hunt and Gunilla Backman
Essex: Human Rights Centre, Y 2008
Keywords: Health and human rights; Health system; Attainable standard of health


616.9792 / KAL / 13653

Factors underlying the fertility intentions of people living with HIV/AIDS in Karnataka / by Shveta Kalyanwala; Sanghamitra Iyengar and Sulekha Janardhan
New Delhi: Population Council, Y 2007
Keywords: Case study report; HIV/AIDS; PLHA; Child after discloser

616.9792 / KOU / 13658

Exploring positive women's lives in namakkal district, India / by P. Kousalya and Deepika Ganju
New Delhi: Population Council, Y 2008
Keywords: HIV/AIDS; HIV positive; Women with HIV/AIDS; Children with HIV/AIDS


330.954021 / RBI / 13663

Handbook of statistics on the Indian economy / by Reserve Bank of India
Mumbai: Reserve Bank of India, Y 2008
Keywords: Indian economy; Budget; Statistics; RBI


358.4038 / PFE / 13646

Knowing-doing gap: How smart companies turn knowledge into action / by Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert I. Sutton
Boston: Harvard Business School Press, Y 2000
Keywords: Knowledge management; Organizational effectiveness; Knowledge into action


309.26 / SIN / 13667

Panchayati raj finances in Madhya Pradesh / by S.K. Singh
New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company, Y 2004
Keywords: Panchayati raj; Finance; India


614.9546 / SID / 13659

Status of health in Kashmir / by Nushina Siddiqui
New Delhi: Voluntary Health Association of India,
Keywords: Public health; Kashmir; Health problems; Health scenario; Case study; VHAI


614.5992 / SAN / 13650

Empowering married young women and improving their sexual and reproductive health: Effects of the first-time parent's project / by K.G. Santhya; Nicole Haberland; Arup Das; Aruna Lakhani; F. Ram; R.K. Sinha; Usha Ram and S.K. Mohanty
New Delhi: Population Council, Y 2008
Keywords: Case study report; Sexual and reproductive health matters; Health situation of married young women; Gender role; Social support network; Antenatal care; Newborn care; Reproductive health

614.5992 / SAMA / 13654

Cheap best Analysis of websites, brochures and advertisements on assisted reproductive technologies in India / by SAMA
New Delhi: SAMA Resource Group for Women and Health, Y 2008
Keywords: Medical tourism; Reproductive tourism in India


364.153 / MEH / 13641

Waiting room / by Anupa Mehta
New Delhi: Penguin Books, Y 2007
Keywords: Sexual abuse; Psychologist; Fiction

364.153 / CHA / 13660

Sexual harassment in the workplace: Experiences of women in the health sector / by Paramita Chaudhuri
New Delhi: Population Council, Y 2006
Keywords: Case study; Sexual harassment; Verbal harassment; Psychological harassment; sexual harassment; Rape

364.153 / HAL / 13661

Rape helping the victim: A treatment manual / by Susan Halpern; Dorothy J. Hicks and Theresa L. Crenshaw
New Jersey: Medical Economics Company Book Division, Y 1978
Keywords: Sexual crime; Rape; Medical history; Medical examination; Evidence collection; Police role; Crisis intervention; Counseling


306.7 / SAN / 13651

Addressing the sexual and reproductive health needs of young people: Perspectives and experiences of stakeholders from the health and non-health sectors / by K.G. Santhya; Shireen J. Jejeebhoy; Saswata Ghosh and Nicole Haberland
New Delhi: Population Council, Y 2007
Keywords: Case study report; Stakeholders; ICDS; HIV/AIDS; Vulnerability of married young people; Sexual health; Reproductive health

306.7 / SAN / 13652

Early marriage and sexual and reproductive risks: Experiences of young women and men in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, India / by K.G. Santhya; Shireen J. Jejeebhoy and Saswata Ghosh
New Delhi: Population Council, Y 2008
Keywords: Case study report; Premarital sex; HIV/AIDS; Contraceptive; Maternal healthcare; Reproductive health

306.7 / OIN / 13657

Exploring the links between drug use and sexual vulnerability among young female injecting drug users in Manipur / by Archana Oinam
New Delhi: Population Council, Y 2008
Keywords: Sexuality; Unsafe injecting practices; Sexual experiences; Health status; Drug use; HIV


300.72 / PLA / 13644

Mixed methods reader / by Vicki L. Plano Clark and John W. Creswell
New Delhi: Sage Publications, Y 2008
Keywords: Social sciences research; Research methodology; Philosophical foundation; Qualitative research methods

300.72 / CRE / 13645

Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches / by John W. Creswell
New Delhi: Sage Publications, Y 2009
Keywords: Social sciences; Research methodology; Statistical methods


315.4 / GOI / 13664

Statistical abstract India 2007 / by Government of India
New Delhi: Government of India, Y 2008
Keywords: Population; Statistics; Price; Agriculture; Health; Insurance; Housing


519.5 / SAL / 13642

Statistics for people who think they hate statistics / by Neil J. Salkind
New Delhi: Sage Publications, Y 2008
Keywords: Statistics; Learning statistics; SPSS


614.073 / CREA / 13666

Self-care and self-defense manual for feminist activists / by Bindu Badshah and Deb Oestreicher
New Delhi: CREA, Y 2006
Keywords: Women; Domestic violence; Sexual crime; Self defense; Self care; Manual


305.2350954 / IIPS / 13649

Youth in India: Situation and needs 2006-2007, Maharashtra / by IIPS
Mumbai: International Institute for Population Sciences, Y 2008
Keywords: Youth Situation; Socio-economic features; Maharashtra; Data; Case study


Economic & Political Weekly, Vol. XLIV, No.5 to 8, February 2009


Communalism Combat, Vol.15, No.137, February 2009


Health Action, Vol.22, No.2, February 2009


  • Mainstreaming leprosy-disabled women through SER in rural areas by P. Jayaram and Venkatesh Roddawar
    Keywords: Leprosy; Disabled; Women; Rural area; Gender; Rehabilitation
  • Identity and social differential of health among migrants: A social study by Saroj Kumar Dhal
    Keywords: Health; Migrants; Social study; Social capital; Social condition and health
  • Emerging paradigms of health insurance by Dr. Leela Bhaskar
    Keywords: Health insurance; Health; Insurance for the poor; Insurance products
  • STDs among auto-drivers of north Chennai: A study of knowledge and practices by M. Rajeswari
    Keywords: STDs; Auto-drivers; HIV/AIDS; Study; Awareness; Conclusion and Recommendations

Express Healthcare, Vol.3, No.2, February 2009


Icfai University Journal of Healthcare Law, Vol.VII, No.1, February 2009


  • Mandatory ultrasound and abortion by Carol Sanger
    Keywords: Abortion; Ultrasound; Legislation; Women; Health
  • Embryonic stem cell research: Respect for human dignity and the right to life by Subhash Chandra Singh
    Keywords: Stem cell; Research; Vitro fertilization; Rights of embryos; Ethics; Human rights
  • Partial birth Biopolitics by Joshua E. Perry
    Keywords: Abortion; Law; Health; Women; Physicians; Medical judgments
  • Regulating reproduction by Marsha Garrison
    Keywords: Reproductive technologies; Sex selection; Transfer of sperms; Commercialism; US
  • Global health law: A definition and grand challenges by Lawrence O Gostin and Allyn L. Taylor
    Keywords: Global health law; Globalization; Health hazards; Public health; Population; Governance