October 2008



361.8 / MIS / 13557 Public-private partnerships: A new paradigm / by Santap Sanhari Mishra and Prithiraj Panigrahi Hyderabad: The ICFAI University Press, Y 2008. Keywords: Public-private partnerships; Infrastructure; Economic; Social infrastructure; Private sector; Public sector; Railway; Roadways; Ports; Airports, Electricity; Telecommunications; Health; Schooling


364 / AKE / 13565 Criminological theories: Introduction, evaluation and application / by Ronald L. Akers and Christine S. Sellers. Los Angeles: Roxbury Publishing Company, Y 2004. Keywords: Criminological theory; Biological theories; Psychological theories; Social learning theory; Conflict theory; Marxist and critical theories; Feminist theories


330.01 / SEN / 13566 Development as freedom / by Amartya Sen New Delhi: Oxford University Press, Y 2008. Keywords: Economic; Poverty; Feminism and other crises; Population food and freedom; Culture and human rights; Social choice


305.23072054 / ANA / 13563 Researching families and children: Culturally appropriate methods / by S. Anandalakshmy; Nandita Chaudhary and Neerja Sharma New Delhi: SAGE Publications, Y 2008. Keywords: Children-research-India; Child development; Family


610.03 / GUP / 13556 Rohan's new illustrated medical dictionary with colored atlas / by L.C. Gupta Delhi: A.I.T.B.S. Publishers and Distributors, Y 2008 Keywords: Medical dictionary


301.32 / CHA / 13567 India: State of population 2007/ by Alok Ranjan Chaurasia and S.C. Gulati New Delhi: Oxford University Press, Y 2008. Keywords: Population of India; Statistics; 20th century; Population policy


306.74 / MUK / 13558 Human trafficking: Challenges and initiatives / by Debashree Mukherjee Hyderabad: The ICFAI University Press, Y 2008 Keywords: Trafficking; Social debacle; Trafficking of women and children; Prostitution; USA; Africa, South Asia; United kingdom; India


345.540253 / DUB / 13559 Rape laws in India / by Dipa Dube New Delhi: LexisNexis Butterworth’s, Y 2008. Keywords: Women; Crimes against women; Rape; India; Wife abuse; Sexual harassment of women law; India


364.1530973 / HOL / 13564 Sex crimes: Patterns and behavior / by Stephen T. Holmes and Ronals M. Holmes New Delhi: SAGE Publications, Y 2009. Keywords: Sex crimes-United States; Sex offenders; Sexual deviation


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345.5405 / KAN / 13561 Challenging the rule(s) of law: Colonialism, criminology and human rights in India / by Kalpana Kannabiran and Ranbir Singh (Ed.) New Delhi: SAGE Publications, Y 2008 Keywords: Criminal justice; Administration of India; Rule of law in India, Crime India History; Criminology in India; Criminal law in India; Human rights in India; India history British occupation 1965-1947


305.420954 / PAN / 13562 Engendering governance institutions: State, market and civil society / by Smita Mishra Panda (Ed.) New Delhi: SAGE Publications, Y 2008 Keywords: Women in development-India; Women and economic conditions; Women social conditions


Combat Law, Vol.7, No.5, September-October 2008

  • Committee on economic, social and cultural rights slams India, Chhattisgarh DGP defends violations of human rights by Disha zaidi and Girish Agrawal
  • The sinister ways of Chhattisgarh police by Kavita Srivastava , RAW: Re-victimization of women officer by Anubha Rastogi
  • Law and judgment: Women IAS officer’s fight for justice by Sandhya J. and Prema Nair
  • Mental disability: From institutional control to family care by Megha Bhagat
  • Delhi encounter raises tough questions by Praful Bidwai

Combat Law
Economic & Political Weekly, Vol.XLIII, No.43, October 25, 2008

  • A global perspective on poverty in India by Martin Ravallion
  • Exclusions from and inclusions in development: Implications for engendering development by Padmini Swaminathan
  • The troubled relationship of feminism and history by Janaki Nair
  • English literary studies, women’s studies and feminism in India by Rajeshwari Sunder Rajan
  • Presistent patriarchy: Theories of race and gender in science by Abha Sur
  • Feminist contributions to sociology of law: A review by Pratiksha Baxi

Economic and Political Weekly
Info change Agenda, No.13, 2008

  • Tamil Nadu pioneers transgender inclusion by Anupama Sekhar
  • The silence of same sex desiring women by Ponni Arasu
  • No white for these widows by Freny Manecksha
  • Hukumnama against female foeticide by Anosh Malekar
  • Sex workers as economic agents by Manjima Bhattachariya
  • Persons with disability may apply by Monideepa Sahu
  • Discrimination is built into our legislation by Alok Prakash Putul
  • Battling the triple burden of poverty, religion and gender by Anosh Malekar

Infor Change Agenda
Medico Friend Circle Bulletin, No.330, August-September 2008

  • We have planted a sapling of a banyan tree by Ravindra R.P., by Commercialization of surrogacy in the Indian context by N.B. Sarojini et al.
  • The hunger bazaar by Radha holla & Lakshmi menon
  • Urban initiatives for a fossil fuel free society by T. Vijayendra
  • Concept note about debate on infection control by Pankaj Shah et al.

Medico Freind Circle Bulletin

Social Action, Vol.58, No.4, October-December 2008

  • Universal child rights in the discourse on child labour by Sudip Chakraborty
  • Rights of disabled persons: Vision and mission by P.S. Vijaya Natharaj
  • Human development and gender by Vibhuti Patel
  • Emancipation of women: From awareness to empowerment by Supriya Yadav

Health Action, Vol.21, No.10, October 2008

  • Right to information act : A path to swaraj by Shailesh Gandhi
  • Right to information act and adolescent health : The missing link by Pranoti Chirmuley
  • Right to information act : Frequently-asked questions by HA
  • RTI act is one of the best laws available to us by Arvind Kejriwal
  • Women’s woes in India by Manisha & J.K. Das
  • The burden of iron deficiency anemia among children under three years by Dr. A.M. Elizabeth
  • Morbidity status of elderly women in institutions and non-institutions by Dr. J. Suhara Beevi
    * Reappraisal of national health policy (8) by Prof. Ashok K. Roy

Reproductive Health Matters, Vol.16, No.31, May 2008

  • Conflict and Crisis Settings: Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Rights by Rosalind P Petchesky Reproductive Health: A Right for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons by Judy Austin
    * Samantha Guy, Louise Lee-Jones, Therese McGinn, Jennifer Schlecht
  • Legal Aspects of Conflict-Induced Migration by Women by Audrey Macklin
  • Providing Reproductive Health Care to Internally Displaced Persons: Barriers Experienced by Humanitarian Agencies by Nina Hakamies, Paul Wenzel Geissler, Matthias Borchert
    * A Basic Package of Health Services for Post-Conflict Countries: Implications for Sexual and Reproductive Health Services by Bayard Roberts
    * Samantha Guy, Egbert Sondorp, Louise Lee-Jones, Delivering Maternal Health Care Services in an Internal Conflict Setting in Maguindanao, Philippines by Romeo B Lee
  • Reproductive Health Concerns in Six Conflict-Affected Areas of Sri Lanka by Sepali Kottegoda Kumudini Samuel, Sarala Emmanuel
  • Conflict and Development: Challenges in Responding to Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs in Timor-Leste by Kayli Wayte, Anthony B Zwi, Suzanne Belton, Joao Martins, Nelson Martins,Anna Whelan, Paul M Kelly
  • The Need for Priority Reproductive Health Services for Displaced Iraqi Women and Girls by Sarah K Chynoweth
  • Health Services for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence in Northern Uganda: A Qualitative Study by Mirkka Henttonen, Charlotte Watts, Bayard Roberts, Felix Kaducu, Matthias Borchert
  • Fistula and Traumatic Genital Injury from Sexual Violence in a Conflict Setting in Eastern Congo: Case Studies by Ahuka Ona Longombe, Kasereka Masumbuko Claude, Joseph Ruminjo,
  • Communal Violence in Gujarat, India: Impact of Sexual Violence and Responsibilities of the Health Care System by Renu Khanna

Reproductive Health Matters