September 2008



618.33 / MAP / 13541
Draft medical abortion practitioners reference manual / by MAPnet and Ipas
New Delhi: MAPnet
31 p. ; Spiral bound
Keywords /Abstract: Medical abortion; Abortion and law; Guidelines for medical abortion


306.87 / FVPF / 13549
Battering during pregnancy: An information packet for health care providers / by FVPF
San Francisco: Family Violence Prevention Fund, Y 1996
NP ; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Domestic violence; Violence against women; Battering during pregnancy; Teenage

306.87 / SUD / 13550
Handbook for health and social service providers and educators on children exposed to women
abuse/family violence / by Marlies Sudermann and Peter Jaffe
Family Violence Prevention Unit, Y 1999
vii, 63 p. ; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Domestic violence; Women abuse; Child abuse


016.36282 / LUK / 13547
Annotated inventory of research reports: Completed through the five research centers on family violence
and violence against women and children / by Teresa Lukawiecky
Canada: Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women,
58 p. ; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Family violence-bibliography; Wife abuse; Child abuse; Violence familiate; Canada


615.5 / LOC / 13555
Lay person's guide to medicines: What is in them and what is behind them / by LOCOST Vadodara:
LOCOST, Y 2006
600 p. ; Hard bound
Keywords /Abstract: Drugs in general; Essential drugs; Rationality of drugs; Pricing and availability of
drugs; Women and medicine


305.3 / SIDA / 13535
Policy promoting gender equality in development cooperation / by Sida
Stockholm: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Y 2005
14 p. ; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Gender and policy; Health policy; Gender regulation; Sida


614.072 / SHA / 13534
Research capacity for mental health in low and middle income countries: Results of a mapping project /
by Pratap Sharan; Itzhak Levav; Sylvie Olifson; Andres de Francisco and Shekhar Saxena Geneva: Global
Forum for Health Research, Y 2007
xii, 144 p. ; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Mental health research; Improving research capacity in mental health; Africa; Asia;
Latine america; WHO


362.122 / ANA / 13548
Public health, ethics, and equity / by Sudhir Anand; Fabienne Peter and Amartya Sen
New Delhi: Oxford University Press, Y 2006
xii, 316 p. ; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Public health; Medical care; Medical ethics; Right to health care; Socioeconomic
factors; Health status; Public health ethics; Social justice ethics; Global health equity initiative


362.10954 / PIT / 13552
Health system response to sexual violence: A study of six health facilities in two districts of Maharashtra
/ by Amita Pitre and Meenu Pandey
Mumbai: CEHAT, Y 2008
99 p. ; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Women; Children; Sexual violence; Health system; Health facilities; Maharashtra;
Research methods; Quality of care; Medico-legal services


616.9792 / COR / 13542
Blood-borne HIV: Risks and prevention / by Mariette Correa; David Gisselquist and Deodatta Hari Gore
Hyderabad: Orient Longman Private Limited,
xii, 91 p. ; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Hiv / Aids; Transmission risks; Prevention; Blood exposures; Community
responses to reduce blood exposure


331.02130954 / VIS / 13543
Unemployment among youth in India: Level, nature and policy implications / by Pravin Visaria Geneva:
International Labour Office, Y 1998
55 p. ; Spiral bound, Series: (Employment and training papers 36)
Keywords /Abstract: Labour; Policies and promotion; Unemployment; India; ILO


610.92 / INF / 13537
INFORN: Introduction to on-line resources available to Indian health professionals / by INFORM
Stockholm: IMCH, Y 2005
55 p. ; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Online information for doctors; Finding reference]


614.58 / SHA / 13339-T
Simmering volcanoes: A study of aggression among the displaced kashmiri pandit youth - A dissertation
submitted to the academic council of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in part fulfillment for the
Master of Art in social work with specialization in medical and psychiatric social work / by Neeti
Sharma. Mumbai: TISS, Y 2003
18, 125 p. ; Hard back
Keywords /Abstract: Mental health; Refugees; Kashmiri pandit; Conflict and displacement; Theory and
research; Socio demographic profile; Simmering volcanoes


614 / SIDA / 13536
Health division, department for democracy and social development, Policy for health and development:
Health is wealth / by SIDA
Stockholm: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Y 2002
42 p. ; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Public health; Swedish government; Health policy; Health financing


323.461 / YUVA / 13545
Home of her own single women and the right to housing the need for research and intervention / by
Mumbai: YUVA, Y 2005
20 p. ; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Right to Housing; Fundamental rights; Slum rehabilitation; Single women;
Women's rights


306.461 / WAI / 13554
Sociology of health / by David Wainwright
New Delhi: SAGE Publications, Y 2008
xvi, 199 p. ; Spiral bound
Keywords /Abstract: Social medicine; Medical sociology; Health statistics; Faminisation of health;
Medical sciences; Healthcare Organisation; International health


312.954 / GOI / 13544
Women and Men in India 2004 / by Government of India
New Delhi: Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Y 2004
iv, 144 p. ; Spiral bound
Keywords /Abstract: Women; Men; Statistics in India; Health status; Population and vital statistics;
Empowerment of women


306.74 / GAA / 13546
Partners in change: Stories of women's collectives / by GAATW
Bangkok: Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women
58 p. ; Paper back
Keywords /Abstract: Sex workers in Bangladesh; Women
sex; Sex workers in Vietnam; Prostitution; Kerala; Sex workers rights


614(301364) / GOI / 13551
National urban health mission (2008-2012): Meeting the health challenges of urban population especially
the urban poor with special focus on urban slums / by Government of India
New Delhi: Government of India, Y 2008
159 p. ; Spiral bound
Keywords /Abstract: Urban health; urban slums; urban poor urban population; Health insurance;
Government policies for urban health


305.4 / HUG / 13553
Key concepts in feminist theory and research / by Christina Hughes
New Delhi: SAGE Publications, Y 2002
xvi, 221 p. ; Spiral bound
Keywords /Abstract: Women; Feminist; Theory and research; Equality


Economic and Political Weekly: Vol. XLIII, No.35, 30 August-5 September 2008
CONTENTS : Empowerment guarantee act by Reetika Khera, Governance and the right to information
in Maharashtra by Ashwini Kulkarni, The Big March: Migratory Flows after the Partition of India by
Prashant Bharadwaj; Asim Kjwaja and Atif Mian

Economic and Political Weekly: Vol.XLIII, No.36, 6-12, September 2008
CONTENTS : Narco-Analysis and Indian criminal justice system by P. A. Sebastian, Manipulation by
assistance: Undermining breastfeeding by Arun Gupta, Medical abortion in India: Role of chemists and
providers by Leela Visaria; Alka Barua and Ramkrishna Mistry

Economic and Political Weekly: Vol. XLIII, No.37, 13-19, September 2008
CONTENTS : Hindutva’s fury against Christians in Orissa by Pralay Kanungo, The National rural
health mission: A stocktaking by Shyam Ashtekar, Regulating domestic work by Neetha N., The
Hindutva underground: Hindu nationalism and the indian national congress in late colonial and early
post-colonial India by Manu Bhagavan, Nutritional deprivation of children in Orissa by Sukanta
Chandra Swain

Express Healthcare, Vol.2, No.9, September 2008
CONTENTS : Legal aspects of medical records: Every physician should maintain the medical records
pertaining to his/ her indoor patients for a period of three years, from the date of commencement of the
treatment by Dr. Suganthi Iyer

Health Action, Vol.21, No.9, September 2008
CONTENTS : Diabetes: An emerging health problem in India by Dr. Neelam Makol & Mrs. Manisha,
Prevention and controlling iron-deficiency anemia by Dr. A Thirumani Devi and Mrs. K.R. Uma,
Reappraisal of national health policy by Prof. Ashok K Roy

Info change Agenda, Issue No.12, 2008
CONTENTS : The Original migrants by Anosh Makekar, Migrate – or starve by Aditya Malaviya and Sushmita
Malaviya, The whitewash of Delhi: Where have all the poor gone ? by Gautam Bhan, Life at mumbai nakas by Svati
P. Shah, Rehabilitation before displacement by Priyanca Mathur Velath

MacArthur Newsletter, Vol.I, Fall 2008
CONTENTS : Global forum on migration and development, Learning from Mexico about governance
and global migration,


Title: Rights and desire: A facilitator's manual to healthy sexuality
Sub Topics: Healthy Sexuality
Director: Splash! Communications
Producer: Breakthrough, New Delhi, India
Duration: min.
Year: Y 2007
Video: Video CD
About Film: Sec.1: Understanding our body Sec.2: Pleasure and safe sex Sec.3: Gender power and
Sexuality Sec.4: Cultural context of sexual identity
Language: English and Hindi
Sr. No.: DOM-134

Title: Is this justice : What do you think
Sub Topics: Human Rights
Producer: Breakthrough, New Delhi, India
Duration: min.
Year: Y 2007
Video: Video CD
About Film: Breakthrough encourages public dialogue about pressing social issues like racial justice,
immigrant rights, women's rights, HIV/AIDS, sexuality, and religious talerance
Language: English
Sr. No.: DOM-135

Title: Right to health care as fundamental rights
Sub Topics: Health and Human Rights
Director: Inukondu Sumanth
Producer: UNICEF, India and Sathi-Cehat
Duration: min.
Year: Y 2005
Video: Video CD
About Film: This file has been produced as part of the knowledge community on children in India
summer internship Programme 2005 UNICEF, India
Language: English
Sr. No.: DOM-136