Training - Establishing Health As a Human Right

Budget Training and Analysis

The budget analysis and training, in an attempt to create public awareness and empower people with knowledge required to scrutinize budgets, to bring about accountability in governance. The underlying aim is to build a momentum towards rights based governance and to consolidate the agenda of civil society for equity and justice.

A Budget Praxis programme with grass root groups in Maharashtra has been initiated by CEHAT. Over the last two years, capacity-building exercises have been conducted in the states of Maharashtra through four regional workshops. In each of these regions a core group has been formed, to make budget discourse, assessment and advocacy, key tools in the process of public action for change and justice. The network has over 40 partner organisations from across the state.

CEHAT has developed a budget manual in Marathi, in order to simplify budget-related issues and have disseminated the experience of the Budget Praxis Initiative.