Seminar on Spatial Dimensions on Health Care-Use of GIS in Health Studies

The use of Geographical Information system (GIS) in the field of health research is increasingly becoming important. GIS can be effectively used as location technique for analysis for decision making in relation to optimum gainful utilization of available medical resources. The seminar was organized in collaboration with the Department of Geography; University of Mumbai. The aim was to discuss the prospects and future development of GIS in spatial health and health care management.






Paper Presentations :

  1. Role of GIS in Health Care Management by Dr. Dipti Mukherji... Abstract and Presentation
  2. Mapping of HIV/AIDS Facilities in Maharashtra by Dr. C. A. K. Yesudian... Executive Summary and Presentation
  3. Mapping of Urban Health Facilities in Maharashtra by Anandi Dantas... Abstract and Presentation
  4. About Geography of Health: Reflections on Concepts & Relevant Techniques by Dr. Smita Gandhi... Abstract and Presentation
  5. Geographic Information Science, Systems and Studies for Sustainable Management: Effective Geospatial Technology for Health care systems-Sanitation Facilities Chennai Slums system by Dr. Jaganathan... Abstract and Presentation
  6. Living Environment and Prevalence of Diseases among Women and Children in Selected Metropolitan Cities in India by Chandra Sekhar & Dr. R. B. Bhagat... Abstract
  7. Application of GIS in Post Flood Epidemics- A Case Study, Mumbai by Dr. Guru Balamurugan and Vikas N. Kurne... Abstract and Presentation
  8. GIS in Health Sector: Future Prospects Presentation

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