Patients Rights

The origin of the concept of Patient rights can be traced back to the Universal declaration of Human Rights (1948); which recognizes the inherent dignity and the equal and unalienable rights of all members of the human family i.e. Fundamental dignity and equality of all human beings. The core concept of patient rights charter revolves around a minimum equitable access to quality medical care with assurance of patient privacy /confidentiality, obtaining consent before employing any medical intervention and providing a safe clinical environment. The patient rights charter document serves as a basic framework to ensure efficient and effective functioning of the entire health care delivery system.

The objectives of the patient rights charter are

  • To strengthen consumer confidence by assuring that the health care delivery system is fair and responsive to consumer needs, provides consumers with credible and effective mechanism to address their concerns and encourages consumer to take an active role in improving and assuring their health
  • To re-affirm the importance of nurturing a strong trusting relationship between patient’ s & their health care providers
  • To re-iterate the critical role consumers play in safeguarding their health by establishing rights and responsibility for all participants upon their health.

Charter and brochure on Patients Rights

The Charter of patients Rights have been adapted from the draft rules framed under the BNHRA(Bombay Nursing Home Registration Act) Act. This Charter and Brochure gives a brief description of the Rights of patient vis-à-vis Patients responsibilities. To celebrate the World health Day on 7th March 2008, the Jan Swasthya Abhiyan (JSA) Maharashtra had organised a Campaign from 7-10th April 2008. The main theme was on Patients Rights. The Patients Rights Charter was disseminated during this campaign. Copies of the Charter and brochure are available in English and Marathi.

Charter of Patients Rights (English)
Brochure of Patients Rights (English)
Charter of Patients Rights (Marathi)

CEHAT is working towards creating awareness amongst patients on the issue of Patients Rights as part of the JSA. Radio spots on patients’ rights and emergency services were done for MUST community radio started by Mumbai University.

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