HealthCare Case Law in India Editors.

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HealthCare Case Law in India Editors: Desai, Mihir and Mahabal Bali, Kamayani
Programme Area:Health Legislation and Patients Rights
Project Title:Establishing Health as a Human Right
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Pub.Date: August 2007, Pub. Place: India, Mumbai ISBN: 81-89042-53-X Published By: CEHAT

This Reader mainly looks at the Constitutional recognition and judicial pronouncements. These case law form the foundation of the right to health care and can support any further public interest litigations on various other areas of public health. The attempt has also been to demystify the laws and make the information accessible to common people , so that the judgments can be used as an effective tool for demanding the right to health care. An awareness of these judgments does not mean that they will be implemented easily, but it is certainly important for further action and the evolving of future strategies, legal or otherwise, towards realizing the right to health.Download full document