History of BNHRA

The Bombay Nursing Home Registration Act was enacted on 6 May 1949 in Maharashtra to regulate the privately owned nursing or maternity home in Maharashtra. The act was only applicable to Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Solapur cities. The reason behind enacting the act was to register the nursing homes and to inspect them. The act has empowered the local supervising authority of the area viz. municipal Corporation, Municipality or Zilla Parishad as the case may be to introduce new rules and regulations for the area under their supervision as per the needs. The nursing homes and maternity homes should apply to the local supervising authority for registration. While applying for registration the nursing home owners should mention about number of employees working, their educational status, the number of equipments available for better care, the space available, the level of cleanliness maintained and facilities available for it. The nursing home owner should mention clearly about the number of trained nurses employed.

Depending on whether the Nursing Home has observed the minimum standards the local supervising authority can decide whether to accept or reject the application for registration / renewal of registration. The act also mentions that if on non-registration of the nursing home the owner can be charged with Rs 500 as a penalty and on doing the same mistake again for the second time the owner can be rewarded with three months imprisonment. These were some of the basic provisions of the 1949 BNHRA.