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Integrating Gender in Medical Education: Assessing Impact

Gender bias permeates many aspects of medicine in India, the WHO acknowledged the need for integration of gender into medical curricula. CEHAT, in collaboration with DMER and MUHS to facilitate gender perspectives in medical education in Maharashtra . An important contribution of the project has been the development of gender integrated modules across five disciplines namely Community Medicine, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Forensic Science and toxicology, Medicine and Psychiatry  for MBBS course These gender integrated modules were tested through a quasi experimental research design to assess the feasibility of teaching gender integrated medical curriculum and also assess whether teaching such a curriculum can lead to positive attitude amongst the students towards gender. The report “TITLE” presents the experience of facilitating gender perspectives for medical students as well as positive changes in their attitudes. An important learning was the need to integrate gender across relevant medical topics throughout MBBS course. This reiterated the fact that gender as a social determinant cannot be relegated to only lectures/elective course; rather they need to be mainstreamed in to the medical curricula to enhance the understanding about the same.

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