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Doing it right: respectful maternity care at GMC Aurangabad

Pregnant women going to government hospitals are often subjected to bad attitudes, rudeness and mistreatment by the hospital staff. They do not get access to basic facilities such as clean toilets, water and space to rest. Moreover, there are also cases of obstetric violence where women are physically abused and fundal pressure is applied during delivery.

This NDTV report showcases the work of GME educator Dr. Srinivas Gadappa and his team at the maternity ward of Government Medical College Aurangabad. The staff showed not only awareness of practices of labour room violence, but a willingness to change and create a positive environment for the women.  The staff is polite and gentle with the women. Beds are separated with curtains to provide privacy, and every pregnant woman has a companion with her for support. The staff also gives options of birthing positions as preferred by the women, and no fundal pressure is used during deliveries. Posters with information about pregnancy and childbirth are put up in the ward so that literate women can gain knowledge. By taking this initiative, GMC Aurangabad has given a ray of hope to the cause of respectful and dignified maternity care in India.


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